the twins

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Chapter 23

The Warrior prince walked off the ship, being the first to see the General,the Lieutenant and Queen Pilar with her court. He nodded at the General and Lieutenant. 

He then smiled at the Queen and said in his strong voice “once again,my Queen, thank you for your hospitality. You never disappoint.” 

She grabbed his hand and said “It is a pleasure, my Prince.” 

He bowed then walked over to the Queen’s sister “loma” kissed her on the cheek and whispered.

“I will take care of you shortly.” 

She grinned and whispered back “I hope so, where is your brother?” 

“He’s coming down now” said the Warrior prince then stood with the General and the Lieutenant as his brother walked down the ship’s ramp.

He stood in front of Queen Pilar and said. “ah, my Queen thank you for all you and your people have done for us over the centuries.” 

He looked around to all the beautiful females that stood before him “thank you for all you continue to do.”

She kissed him on both of his cheeks,she then released him and said “as I told your brother it is only my pleasure and your pleasure is our peace.” 

“Thank you again” he then called his comrades over and said “I’m sure the four of us have much to discuss, but I have needs that supersedes our conversation, if our gracious host allows it.” 

“As always”Queen Pilar smiled” my home is your home do as you like my Crowned prince.” 

He hugged her and said “thank you great Queen”then calling over his shoulder”Sharay.” “Yes, my lord?”she answered.

“Show me to your quarters.” “Of course, my Lord” she said grabbing his hand. 

The two began to leave with five females of the court walking closely behind them.

The younger prince left with Pilar’s sister loma and five escorts with them. 

The Lieutenant looked to the five females on his left walked to the first and asked “May I join you and your party?” 

“Of course, Lieutenant you can join us, but you are mistaken this party isn’t mine. It’s yours.” 

“Then my lady,please show me the way.” They began to walk down the corridor as he followed.

“You see,General”said Pilar “nothing seems amiss. The three of them seem fine. 

They were quite eager to spend the short time they have here with my court.”

He nodded “I believe you are correct.” She kissed his cheek then said”Let us get back to my quarters, remember I want your fluids all over me.” 

“As you wish”he jokingly bowed, the couple laughed as they began walking away. “Allow your escorts to join us this time.”

“Of course,my dear,General, the more the merrier.”