the lieutenant

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Chapter 16

The Lieutenant flew back to the Mochin warriors holding the Scrogin’s heart in his right hand. The battalion of mochin looked up as he dropped it in the middle of the crowd. He then landed and said “your problem has been solved. As you can see your Scrogin has been eliminated.
“The Mochin warriors looked at the Scrogin’s heart with awe and began to cheer. Their leader walked to the lieutenant and said “thank you young warrior,thank you.”

The Lieutenant looked up at him “no thanks need. My king made a promise and I kept his word.” “Yes,you did and as a token of our appreciation we want you to have this.” Two of the Mochin soldiers brought over a large metal container of clear liquid. “What is it this?”Lieutenant asked.

The leader answered “it is a recently discovered ore called Sharifim,a liquid metal only found on this world. When you construct new armor young warrior you add just a drop of sharifim and it will make your armor far stronger than it is now. Something we once thought was impossible.”

“Thank you,my people will make great use of this”said the Lieutenant. “Thank you again,young warrior. Please stay, share a feast with us to Commensurate the death of the Scrogin.” “I would love to, but I have an appointment on the other side of the Algerverse. So I must take my leave,give my regards to your King.” “I will do just that, young warrior. Just know you and your people will always have an ally in the Mochin.”

The Lieutenant nodded then said “until we meet again.” He picked up the now closed container, lifted it and flew to his ship. Once inside,he put the container down sat and at the ship’s helm. Igniting the engines and flew off thinking with a smile time to meet the General.