the twins

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Chapter 33

“Well, it seems we don’t have many options” he said tightening the glove on his right hand. We’ll discuss this further once we are all together. You are unaware of this, General but the Captain sent a lengthy transmission to the warship, that’s the reason we came to Bonoba. To collect you and the Lieutenant. I suspect his message is in regards to a planet we can annex. We’ll know more once we board the Barbarous” he looked over his shoulder to his brother then back to the monitors and said “let me tell you of our meeting with the matrimony – the famed bride and groom.” He paused sat back down and continued” but first Lieutenant tell us what happened with our friends the Mochin?”

The Lieutenant looked at him and answered “nothing much to tell you ,my Lord. I met with them destroyed this creature called the Scrogin that’s been devouring their crops.”

“It’s said this Scrogin emerged from a meteor that fell from the sky” said the Crowned prince. “I remember” said the Warrior prince “I was supposed to get rid of it myself but father changed my assignment”. 

“ Well after that” the Lieutenant proceeded“I went back to them and they gave me a large barrel filled with a liquid ore that when add to our armor’s chemical compound it will triple the armor’s strength. I did a preliminary study on it but the final analysis will come from our great scientist.” “Excellent work Lieutenant” said the General.

“If our armor becomes triple its current strength” said the Warrior prince “I’ll be able to take an energy blast from the Arzon himself.” His brother smiled and said“My how you underestimate the Arzon’s power” he then grew serious”or you overestimate your own.” The Warrior prince only glared at his brother who turned away and said to the others “the new armor should make a fine addition to our arsenal.” 

“That is all I have, my Lord” said the Lieutenant.” “Now tell us of the interaction between you two and and the matrimony.”

He looked at his brother then turned slowly and said “our talk with them was quite eventful. We got to see three spirits and as strong as they were, they weren’t able see whom or what destroyed our planet.”

“Why couldn’t they see what happened?”asked the Lieutenant. “The knowledge of our past is somehow being concealed from them”answered the Crowned prince.

“By who?”asked the General uneasily “an anicent power greater than anything we’ve come to know? Do you think it’s Vashool, he’s been the most powerful being since the end of the Great War.”

“My twin and I discussed this at length”cut in the Crowned prince”and we’ve deduced that it isn’t the King of kings. He has a number of agents that are capable of defeating us all, In addition to that, Vashool wouldn’t waste time being clandestine, he’d want the entire Algerverse to know he exterminated the strongest race of beings left in the Algerverse. He enjoys stoking fear in others.” 

“Besides, even if it was him” said the Warrior prince“ as strong as we 7 are, we’re no match for Vashool.”

“After all,” his brother chimed in “he is the King of kings and every monarch in the Algerverse respects his rule.” 

The Warrior prince continued“That’s why I also believe we should get away from the known systems until we gain the power that was foretold in our future.” 

“Yes,”answered the Crowned prince “those same sprits told us of great power in our future and if we remain here that future is lost.” 

The lieutenant looked at the larger, younger twin and thought the Warrior prince agreed to this without any argument that tells me how serious this is, he never runs from battle.

“We have to be smart, my Lord”he said,” did they tell you anything more about our future?”

“No, that was all they could see” he lied,”they seemed to run out of energy and disappeared.”

“Unfortunate”responded the General “I wish we could know more.”

“That, my dear General”answered the Crowned prince “will only come with time.” “Indeed” said his brother “now let’s get to the Barbarous, hopefully once we get there the Captain’s message will be complete.” “He’s correct, let’s take our leave”said the Crowned prince getting comfortable as his brother sat at the ship’s helm”to the Royal warship, dear brother.” The younger prince answered “as you wish”and the three ships disappeared into negative matter.