The twins

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Chapter 9

“Are you sure of these coordinates?” asked the Warrior Prince.

“Yes dear brother,” his twin the Crowned Prince answered from his seat. “Of course they are. Father has taken me several times to meet with the Revered Bride and Groom. I’m surprised you’ve never accompanied him to meet the Matrimony.”

The Warrior Prince answered gruffly. “Father knew of my distaste for magicians and soothsayers.”

The Crowned Prince laughed.“Masters of the mystic arts— they abhor the term magicians. Dear brother, I trust you will remember that.”

The younger brother said nothing as he guided the luxury battle ship called “The Deliverance” to a clearing on the planet Noom-Yenoh and landed seconds later. The brothers exited their ship one after the other.

“So this is where the the Matrimony resides” said the larger, yet younger Warrior Prince “I’m not impressed.”

“You will be” whispered a female voice.

The Crowned Prince laughed as his brother looked around. “It seems they’ve been alerted to our presence. Let’s not keep them waiting, dear brother. We have much to learn.”

The two of them took flight and landed in front of a grey stoned castle one mile from where they left their craft.

“Here young princes” whispered the female voice once more, “Up here.” 

The brothers looked at each other then up to a large opening. The only room in this castle with light, the pair flew up and inside to find the bride and groom standing over a black cauldron. 

The younger brother looked at the bride a brown skinned female with long grey dreadlocked hair beautiful yet demonic looking. He felt a chill when he locked eyes with her. 

He then looked to the groom he and the bride shared a similar complexion. 

He was tall almost the height of the Warrior Prince but unlike the prince he was bald, very thin, his eyes revealed no sclera they were empty black orbs. 

“We know why you are here great princes,” said the groom, “We will do all we can to help you find the answers you seek.”