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Chapter 30

“Ok sister, they are about to come aboard” said Green eyes, hearing the airlock from the other ship attach to theirs. “follow my lead.” 

“Don’t I always”answered the Blonde,”after all you are the ranking officer aren’t you?”

Green Eyes just looked at her and said “Come on, our guest will be on the ship shortly, mustn’t keep them waiting.” The two of them walked to the entrance of the Barbarous, then stood by the door. 

Green Eyes then asked “are you ready?” The Blonde only nodded, Green eyes tap the release for the airlock and saw ten Caspian marauders walking to them down the air shaft.

“Ahh” said Crosban with his arms up “finally we get to meet each other in person.” 

“Take what ever you want just don’t hurt us”said the Blonde. 

“We won’t hurt you unless you force our hand” said one of his men. 

“Nonsense”smiled Crosban waving his hand, “no one is getting hurt today. My my, you two are some of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen in my life, tall too. Where are you from?”

“We’re from the planet Golis” answered Green eyes seeming full of fear. 

He scratched his chin “never heard of it”he paused “on to my next question “which one of you is the pilot?”

“I am”answered the Blonde . “Okay boys, take her away”ordered Crosban.

“What? why?”asked Green eyes. 

Crosban looked at her “Don’t worry I need her to teach me the inner workings of my new ship. She will join you soon.” 

“Can I tell her something, something private?” asked Green eyes.

“Of course”said Crosban grinning at his men, he continued “just don’t try anything stupid.”

Green eyes walked to the Blonde and whispered“When you see the explosions outside have the Barbarous lock down who’s ever left on this ship.” 

You always get all the fun “the Blonde whispered back. 

Green eyes responded. “Well I am the ranking officer after all.”

“Ok…ok that’s enough chit chat” cut in Crosban “it’s time to go.” 

Two of his men grab Green eyes by the arms and led her away. The Blonde looked on and thought they have no idea what she’s about to do to them.