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Chapter 45 An hour and a half later the Crowned Prince Rikorn had finally finish speaking of his future plans for Earth.  He called the blonde-Piscera over whispered to her and she quickly left the conference room only to return moments later holding a green bottle containing a brown liquid. General Taurasun smiled then looked to …

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THe Seven

Chapter 43 The Captain entered the bridge moved his long white hair from his face to see his six comrades waiting for him. “It’s been quite the while, Captain” said the Lieutenant, coolly standing with his arm extended “Good to have you back!” The Captain extended his arm they held each other at the bicep as …

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The Seven

Chapter 42 The Lone Warrior sat at his ship’s helm flying slowly through space, hoping that his friends would come retrieve him soon. The boredom was maddening. He wasn’t used to being alone for so long and it was becoming increasingly irritating. He gazed into the nothingness of the void and thought it’s been close to 9 …

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the twins

Chapter 33 “Well, it seems we don’t have many options” he said tightening the glove on his right hand. We’ll discuss this further once we are all together. You are unaware of this, General but the Captain sent a lengthy transmission to the warship, that’s the reason we came to Bonoba. To collect you and the …

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Chapter 30 “Ok sister, they are about to come aboard” said Green eyes, hearing the airlock from the other ship attach to theirs. “follow my lead.”  “Don’t I always”answered the Blonde,”after all you are the ranking officer aren’t you?” Green Eyes just looked at her and said “Come on, our guest will be on the …

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CHAPTER 28 As the Crowned prince walked with Sharay down the corridor in route to the ship he came across his brother and Loma, the Queen’s sister. “So dear brother are you ready to depart?”asked the Crowned prince. “I’m here, aren’t I” answered the Warrior prince. “Yes, dear brother you are”he answered slightly irritated, “let’s …

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the twins

Chapter 23 The Warrior prince walked off the ship, being the first to see the General,the Lieutenant and Queen Pilar with her court. He nodded at the General and Lieutenant.  He then smiled at the Queen and said in his strong voice “once again,my Queen, thank you for your hospitality. You never disappoint.”  She grabbed …

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the twins

Chapter 18 The crowned prince sat in his seat quietly he’d been that way since they left the bride and groom. He was planning,thinking of what the next move should be, suddenly a familiar face appeared on the ship’s screen. “My lord”said green eyes, “we are receiving a message from the Captain. His instructions were …

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Chapter 15 “What are you looking at?”asked the the blonde as she looked over Green eyes shoulder to the ship’s computers com-link. “I’m not sure but I think it’s a transmission from our captain.” “Really?” the Blonde said surprised. I wonder what it could be.” “So do I, it’s taking very long to be received. …

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The twins

Chapter 9 “Are you sure of these coordinates?” asked the Warrior Prince. “Yes dear brother,” his twin the Crowned Prince answered from his seat. “Of course they are. Father has taken me several times to meet with the Revered Bride and Groom. I’m surprised you’ve never accompanied him to meet the Matrimony.” The Warrior Prince …

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