The seven

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Chapter 52

After becoming even more intoxicated the seven of them told war stories and the tales of their most recent exploits. They also remembered and paid respect to the friends and family lost with their planet. The room grew silent with grief until Geminot finally asked Picera“How long before we reach earth?” She looked at her left wrist for a moment then said “From my calculations it will take the Barbarous 12 cycles to reach earth.” 

Geminot moved his long white hair from his face and said “Impossible, I was able to get to you in less than 9 with several mishaps along the way. Besides this ship was always the fastest in our fleet.” “That may be true” answered Areiza, her emerald green eyes looking into his “but the Barbarous can not remain in negative matter as long as your scout ship did, Geminot. I wasn’t able to outfit this massive space craft with the Cromia as I did the others and I won’t have the necessary materials to create it until we reach the earth.”

“12, 18, 24 cycles” Laughed Prince Rikorn, “It really doesn’t matter, time is on our side.” He looked around after taking the final sip of Donya and said “Let us proceed to the bridge and bid this quadrant of the Algerverse farewell.” Everyone downed the rest of there drink and began walking to the bridge.

Once there, Picsera tied her blonde hair into a ponytail, sat down at the ship’s helm, put in the necessary coordinates for the sol system and the Barbarous shot into negative matter. Picsera then stood with her friends in front of the Twins, who stood on the steps of the bridge. Prince Leodris stood in the middle of them and Prince Rikorn at the top.

General Taurasun looked to the others. Then to the Twins and said at the top of his voice “We are all that’s left of our planet, the last of the 13 tribes. So what we do from this day and forward is for FAYLON GLORY.” The 5 of them stood together each bowing to one knee looked to both Princes and said in unison “FOR FAYLON GLORY.” Prince Leodris looked to his brother and said loudly as he bent to one knee  “All that I am and all that I’ve ever done has only been FOR FAYLON GLORY.”

Rikorn looked at everyone and said “Please rise my friends .” He began waking down the steps of the bridge meeting his brother in the middle who then walked with him down to the others, as they stood in a loose circle he began to speak sternly his voice full of credence

“To you who stand with me and in the memory of our families” He paused. “Our friends recently lost to us as well as our ancestors long deceased this is for us all.” “THIS IS FOR THE GLORY OF ALL FAYLON.” Silently they separated each taking their positions on the warships bridge as the Barbarous continued on its path to earth.

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