the twins-rikorn and leodris

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Chapter 51

Prince Rikorn closed his eyes thinking I’m sure he’s still angry about my earlier outburst so I’ll tread with care. He opened his eyes and said “Dear brother, my right hand, the famed Warlord Prince, much like General Taurasun this is not your standard assignment but I promise, you will get the chance to do what you do best even if it is on a minuscule scale.”

Prince Leodris downed his entire challis of Donya and said looking into his brothers eyes “Your adulation is unwarranted I know what I mean to you because you mean the same to me.”  Prince Rikorn smiled as his brother continued “With that said I understand you vision for the future and it’s inventive to say the least but just as you said the intricacies of this plan doesn’t really concern me.What does is our training because I don’t want you to create this paradise this utopia for it to someday be destroyed, us along with it.”

“Have I ever let you down dear Leodris. Our training facilities will be the best our scientist” Prince Rikorn said looking at Arieza, “can create the most harsh environments and the powers of the strongest opponents We’ve ever faced.”

“My dear twin” Prince Rikorn said seriously, “The possibilities are all but endless. Besides, if you really wish to test your might you have 6 worthy adversaries before you, worry not dear brother your concerns will be addressed.”

“Thank you.” Prince Leodris answered. His brother coolly said “Your thanks is truly unwarranted dear brother.” He looked around the table and said “It seems our Donya has been finished.”

Captain Geminot looked around the room then remembered and said “I to have a bottle, my Lord. Took it the same day you got yours.” 

Prince Rikorn smiled “Go retrieve it then, so we may continue this celebration we must also have a toast- to Earth our newly found home.”

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