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Chapter 20

“It’s been awhile since we had ground under our feet sister” said The Blonde to Green eyes, as they walked along the shore of a seemingly once inhabited planet. 

Green eyes said nothing and continued to slowly walk down the beach deep in thought. 

The Blonde stepped in front of her and said “did your hear me?” 

Green eyes looked at her and said “what do you think could be so important in the Captain’s transmission that he would suggest that we’re all together when it’s opened ?” 

The Blonde looked at her shook her head and said “back to that I see? Right now, it doesn’t matter what he sent to us since the crowned princes added decreed that we not view it until he and the others return.”

“And that’s your fault for tell him the captain’s suggestion.” 

They continued to walk. “We came here to take our minds off the Captain and his message.” 

“You’re right” answered Green eyes finally “and it’s still at least an hour from being completely loaded.”

“So isn’t this a beautiful planet?” said The Blonde cutting in changing the subject “maybe we can settle here?”

“I doubt it. The initial scan from the Barbarous assessed that this planet has long been stripped of all its resources. There is little life here and all of it is there” said Green eyes pointing to the waters of the magenta ocean in front of them.

“Have you ever seen waters of such color?” asked the Blonde.

“No, but its color has something to do with the sand on the ocean floor” answered green eyes,”which is also the reason the sky is rose pink.” 

The Blonde rolled her eyes “so now that the science lesson is over, what do we do?” asking seriously with a grin. 

Green eyes stopped and said with her own wicked smile “if you want to lose again in battle just say so sister.” 

The Blonde laughed as she began to power up. “Weather you care to admit it or not I am closing the gap between us sister.”

“Really’” answered Green eyes sarcastically. “let me show you exactly just how wide the gap in our power levels are”as she herself began to bring her power to the surface.

She and the Blonde both glowed with red hues around there bodies. The Blonde moved into position and said. “there’s nothing between us sister but space and opportunities.” 

Suddenly both of their communicators began to flash and sound an alarm. “Aren’t you going to answer it? “asked the Blonde “after all you are the ranking officer.” 

“And as your ranking officer” Green eyes stated “I petition you, the navigator, to answer the call, besides” she smiled “the ship likes you better.” 

The Blonde shrugged her shoulders than began to listened to her communicatior for a moment then looked up and smiled. 

“What is it?”asked Green eyes.

“The Barbarous is under attack” Green eyes smiled and said “let’s get up there and have some real fun. 

Then the two of them took to the sky.

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