The lone warrior

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Chapter 19

“Captain,awake this ship is compromised, you must attend to the problem at once”said the ship’s female artificial intelligence.

“What is it now? “he awoke with a start. 

The ship’s AI said “we will have to leave negative matter.”

“What?why”he asked “we’re all most to the rondevous point. Surely, we can make it?”

“No, captain no we cannot now leaving negative matter.

Suddenly the ship appeared in normal space. “Blast” he said angrily “since when does an Ai challenge the word of the officer on board.”

“As part of my directive, I have the ability to override a command, if it’s to save your life. I’m sorry, Captain” she said apologititcly “but this became a matter of life and death.” 

“Explain”he commanded. “The cumulative manifold has ruptured, had we stayed in negative matter we would have been vaporized.”

“And that would have been unfortunate” he laughed calming down “so how do we correct this? 

I have a schedule to keep.” “We can either continue on as we are” the female voice answered “and arrive at the coordinates in two weeks.” 

“That’s out of the question” he cut in “its imperitve I stay on schedule.” “Then we need to fine a new cumulative manifold or a resin that would seal the rupture in ours.”

“Fine” he responded “scan each system we pass to see if any have the proper resources I need.” 

“Yes, captain beginning scan now”

“Once you find a planet or a passing ship I’ll take it from there…..literally.”