the twins

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Chapter 18

The crowned prince sat in his seat quietly he’d been that way since they left the bride and groom. He was planning,thinking of what the next move should be, suddenly a familiar face appeared on the ship’s screen.

“My lord”said green eyes, “we are receiving a message from the Captain. His instructions were to not view his message until we were concurrent. It seems urgent,how far off are you and your brother?” “Unfortunately we are hours away” he responded. “And the others?”she asked.
“Well, by now the General and Lieutenant should have reconvened,as a matter of fact,we will go collect them and meet with you when we can“ he replied,“No need to be in a rush, the full message has yet to be received”

“Of course my lord I’ll see you soon”she concluded the conversation. He smiled “see you then”and she disappeared from the screen. He stood,walked to his brother at the ship’s helm and said “change of plans dear brother we’re going to retrieve the General and Lieutenant.”
“May I ask why?”he said changing course. “It seems the Captain is sending us an important transmission. It may be information about a viable planet for us to annex as you know. The six of us have have found nothing satisfactory, and time is running short especially after what happened with the bride and groom.”

His brother looked at him and said “I still don’t understand why would two separate entities block knowledge of our past and future.

I’m at a loss myself but I do believe one or both entities are responsible for our people’s extinction. And if that’s a fact I now see why father ordered us away. We seven hold power potentially unseen since the Great War. Mother often told me that I could be the first of us to ascend to the warrior of legend in over a million years.” “Maybe the conspirators didn’t want that to transpire”
the warrior prince responded”the bride did say these powers were ancient.”
“Yes, yes dear brother”the crowned prince nodded,”and only an ancient entity would know of the power we could someday possess. That’s why they waited until the festival of Adama. They must have known that everyone of us was mandated by law to be home.”

His brother stood and answered angrily in agreement “I always found it strange that father commanded us to remain in the Vos-Lanna system to await his instructions.”

“Yes dear brother it’s all making sense now isn’t it, our king Father was a cleaver one. He must have felt something was amiss”the warrior prince said “so now my question to you is do we tell the others?”

“No, not yet. To inform them with only speculation would anger them for no cause. When we have the necessary proof, they will know what we know.”

“Fine then”the warrior prince answered,looked at the lightening starting in front of their ship. He sat at the ship’s helm and said “strap in we’re about to fly through the Melligoth.”

The crowned prince sat down then said jokingly “and remember tell this to no one-not the General nor the science officer.”

“Why would you mention her?”the younger brother asked quizzically never taking his eye from navigating through the asteroid storm. The crowned prince laughed “so you really don’t know? You are blind dear brother, you are truly blind.”