the general

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Chapter 17

Queen Pilar awoke to find the General had left her side. She just wanted to rest her eyes but fell asleep in his arms. She rose naked from the bed, put on her sheer red garment and began to looked around the room to find most of the General’s armor. He’s not far she smiled.

She walked outdoors to find the general standing by the pool alone. She walked to the bar fixed a drink and walked over to him. She stood along side of him took a sip from the glass and passed it to him saying “where are the others?”

He looked at her,took the drink and said “I sent them away I have little more than 5 hours left and I wanted to spend them alone…..with you.”
She smiled “you’re making me fall in love with you,great General.”

“This is the last time I may see you, my Queen. I want to make our short time together memorable.”
She hugged him and responded “you already have.” One of her attendants walked to them and said “my Queen,his lieutenant sent a message. He is flying through the Milligoth and will be landing shortly.” The Queen laughed”Alert Loma tell her the Lieutenant is on his way and she has just five hours with him. She will be delighted to hear of his presence.”

“Yes my Queen she answered leaving them alone. “Oh my apologies,General,is there anything you wish to say to him?”asked the Queen.He finished the drink and picked her up shaking his head“He knows our schedule, I have nothing to say that can’t wait.” She wrapped her arms around him and said “then take me ravage me as if it’s the last time together.”

“It very well may be Pilar” he smiled as he walk to the bed and set her down. She then began to disrobe,she smiled sexily “I don’t believe that and give me all your power General.” “As you wish,my lady”he said then laid on top of her as they began to kiss.