the lieutenant

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Chapter 21

Finally I’m just about done with this asteroid storm thought the Lieutenant as he began to navigate out of the the Milligoth. 

The Ranthopin he continued in thought they live a good life shielded from the chaos of the Algaverse. 

Few dared attempt a trip to the other side of the Milligoth, but those of us that have made it through have received much more than our just desserts. 

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice from the communicator on the left side of his chest.

“Lieutenant is that you?” 

He laughed as he looked at the ship beside his and said “yes, my lord it is I. How did the two of you get here so quickly? You were two hundred system away.”

“My father taught my brother and I to navigate the Milligoth almost with our eyes closed. We also know a few short cuts depending on where you enter”laughed the Crowned prince.

The Lieutenant turned on his monitor “why are you even here? “he asked. “I thought I wouldn’t see you both until it was time to rendezvous with the Captain.”

“Unfortunately”, responded the Crowned prince. “Our great Captain is going to be a little tarty, which of course is nothing new but he did grace us with a lengthy transmission. Knowing the Captain I would suspect it has something to do with a planet that we can annex.”

“That would be some good news”the Lieutenant said “we’ve been unlucky in our search thus far but it would be a shame if the Captain found a planet before I did.This will be another thing he’ll rub in my face.” 

“Come now”, answered the crowd prince jokingly “you sell our Captain much too short. I doubt he’ll rub it in your entire face, maybe just across your eyes and nose.” 

They both laughed as the Warrior prince said “now that the shenanigans are over, let us retrieve the General and be on our way.” 

The Lieutenant watched his monitor as the Crowned prince looked to his right and said “always down to business, dear brother, do you ever have time for amusement?”

His brother looked at him “I do and it’s there” he said pointing to the planet below “so is the General and our time grows shorter by the second. I don’t wish to waste anymore.”

His brother was silent for a moment looked to the ship’s monitor then laughed “he’s right, Lieutenant, let’s make haste. We’ll see you once we land.”

The Lieutenant’s monitor then went dark. He sat down at the ship’s helm and thought now the fun starts taking off. The twins ship directly behind his.