The General

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Chapter 22

He sat back enjoying an after intercourse meal Queen Pilar alone under candle light. 

The two had been at it for hours enjoying each other’s mind and bodies. 

The Queen was insatiable but the General excelled in quenching her thirst, if only for a short time. 

They sat naked across from each other making small talk as the time began to lapse. 

“So where will you go?”she asked as he took a bite of food. 

“I’m not sure Pilar but I will leave you a beacon to the warship’s coordinates so that wherever we end up you will have a way to find us if the need arises.”

She nodded “in the future if you find a female and fall in love always remember you are mine as I am yours.” 

“Of course”, he answered “why would you feel the need to remind me of such a thing? Our relationship speaks for itself.” 

“Because, my general,once your people couple you seldom break that bond.” 

“True” he answered “but the bond we share is timeless, my Queen, nothing will change that.”

She laughed “I’m Queen of the Ranthopin but as for you I’m your play thing, your whore.” She stood and walked over to him saying,”And I would have it no other way, great General.”

He stood as she admired his large muscled 6’5inch frame and just as they were about to kiss, a female voice from the table’s intercom said “my Queen, the General’s Lieutenant is about to dock in hanger 5.”

“Finally, he’s here”said The General. Pilar looked at him then said “fine Sharay. Is my sister waiting on him?” “No, my Queen she isn’t.” 

“Excuse me, why not”Pilar asked surprised.

“Because the twin Princes have also arrived.” 

The General almost choked spitting the water he was drinking into Pilar’s face. 

She smiled and whispered “those are not the fluids I wish to see expelled from your body.”

He quickly apologized as she wiped her face then said “Sharay, the General and I are on our way to meet the Princes. 

Please make sure that at least twenty of my escorts are waiting for them.”

“Yes, my Queen” and the intercom went silent. 

The General was dressed before the Queen finished her sentence. “My”she smiled “so fast.” 

She then noticed a look of concern on his face and asked “what’s wrong?”

He looked at her and said “something isn’t right Twins are not supposed to be anywhere near here.”

The Queen shook her head “my dear General, the eternal pessimist”she touched his face tenderly.

“I believe the exact opposite with all the turmoil and pain you seven have gone through their Royal presence means something may just be right.”