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Chapter 14

The lone warrior sat at his ship’s helm restlessly. He still had over a cycle until he reached his Comrades. He was tired of being confined to his ship, he moved from his seat to stand. He looked around for the ten thousandth time, breathed in deeply and shook his head.

Minutes later he sat on the floor putting his left leg behind his right then resting his elbow on his knee, this is maddening I’m about to go out of my mind. This boredom is sickening I cannot wait to get out of here. I knew I should have brought that earth girl with me, then I wouldn’t have had this problem. He sighs, no matter hopefully I’ll see her again,he paused in thought, if she lives through the change.

He tilted his head thinking to himself-the humans are simple beings that think they’re complex. They were different not two century ago from what I’ve learned technology began the fall of mankind.

Instead of it making there lives better their existence has become marginally worse. Instead of becoming stronger, smarter-they’ve become weak and lazy. He shook his head, technology should have freed them from mundane tasks and infantile thought. They would have had more time to train and study such a waste.

He looked around the ship once more then thought laughingly,but as they once said on earth. “who am I to judge.”

Regardless to that I’ve sent my findings to the others and it is for crowned prince to pass judgment onto them. And for humanity’s sake I hope his twin doesn’t command this mission, because if he does most will be turned to ash,……. oh well so be it he shook his head again.

Most of them will comply because in the end they are nothing more than sheep. I’ve studied and restudied everything from planet earth and it’s people. I may even know them better than they know themselves, so most will choose life. He smiled moving his long white hair from his face.

The crowned prince will be more than pleased with my findings,that’s a given. He put his legs down and continued the beauty of earth’s females is very diverse.
It’s almost like being on Coytion 3, so many to choose from all shapes and sizes. It’s going to be glorious he thought standing.

I wonder what the general and the lieutenant are up to? Probably still searching for clues to what happened at home. No matter,I’m done grieving it’s time to move on.

He looked at the stack of earth books on the floor and thought maybe I’ll read them again, no I have a better idea.

He stood walked to the ship’s pantry grab a bunch of earth snacks and walk back to his seat and thought I’ll watch all 24 of the constellation battles movies, he laughed.

This will kill a good amount of time,it’s unbelievable that the humans think outer space could work in such fashion. Good monks versus their evil counterparts and everything in between. He turned on a monitor,moved his long white hair from his face and sat back. It won’t be much longer then the earth will be ours.

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