the twins

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Chapter 13

The crowned prince looked to his brother and whispered ”Have an open mind, dear brother. If they don’t have the answers we seek then no one will.”

“This had better be worth it” the warrior prince growled.” “Worth it and more“ whispered the bride. The prince looked at her as he noticed her mouth has not moved and yet.. “I’m speaking to you in your mind, young one something you may learn to do in the not so distant future” she smiled at him. He stared at her as he and his brother walked to her and the groom.

They stood around a large black cauldron. The twins on opposite sides of it, the four of them joined hands as the bride and groom closed their eyes. The twins followed their lead as she whispered loudly “I call upon the Bazlarin the triad of edification.”

Quickly flames rose from the cauldron as her voice began to rise “I call to Larabum the seeker.” She paused “I call to Signasha the teacher.” The castle started to shake violently as her voice grew, ”I call upon Domecca, Domecca the knower”. Suddenly from the cauldron flames, three clouded spirits slowly arose.

The first was black in color, the second seemed to have a purplish hue and the last was grey. The aberrations slowly began flying around the room while the princes stood there watching them expressionlessly.

They each looked to the bride and groom who’s eyes remained closed, the crowned prince looked at his brother and closed his eyes. His younger brother did the same.
The three sprits then flew around the groom slowly then suddenly into the groom,who’s eyes then opened to reveal all white irises. Slowly three overlapping voices began coming from the groom’s mouth. He seemed to be in some sort of trance as they asked in unison “Why have we been summoned here?”

“Forgive me, Great Bazlarin for waking you from your slumber” answered the bride “But you wish to know the reason the planet of these two was annihilated?” cutting off the bride the Bazlarin angrily finishing her sentence. The groom looked at the twins and said “It was destined to be. Destiny forced the destruction of them and their planet, the selfish heart of their people have near been extinguished.”
“But by who great Bazlarin? Who or what has forced destiny’s hand?” the bride pleaded.

The groom looked to the room’s ceiling and let out a deep painful moan “We we cannot see” said one male voice.
“We cannot teach” said a single female voice.
“They cannot know” said a second male voice.
“They cannot know” said the Bazlarin, one voice over the other again and again.

Suddenly they stopped-the groom quickly looked at the bride and said sadly “We cannot see.”

“How is that so” asked the bride nervously, “Nothing evades the Bazlarin, nothing in the Algeverse.” “A greater power than ours, older than ours seems to occlude us”moaned one voice. “Stopping us” screeched the female voice. “Blocking us” said the last voice filled with anger.

“The answers you seek” they said in unison “cannot be found.” The bride looked frightingly at the crowned prince and asked the Bazlarin “Then what is destiny’s future design for these princes standing before us?”

“We see a future of conquest, of war, of fear, death and paradise. A future fashioned by their hands. I see great power being bestowed to them, all of them. I I….” the three entities said, suddenly they began to scream. The twins released the groom’s hands as he briefly levitated from the ground. He hovered there for what seemed a long time crying out in agony then the groom fell to the floor. “I see” the three voice screamed “I see the end.”

“What end !?” yelled the bride.
“The end of everything- reality, time and space.”
“The twins looked on in disbelief finally the crowned prince asked “By who? Who will bring such calamity?”

“We cannot see” moaned the Bazlarin in destress. The groom’s body fell silent for several moments then slowly beginning to stand the Bazlarin revealed “This, this power it slumbers, waiting, growing stronger. Already much stronger than the power that attacked us before. Power that occluded us from seeing your planets past, as indomitable as I am, my power pales in comparison to both of these.

“So all I can share with you is a key component to possible victory against such stalwart foes.” The Bazlarin said looking at the twins as they stood together. “Not long ago a case containing two rings was bestowed upon your father by King Thaikos of the Kashani, as a token of unrelenting allegiance after your war with the Saxon of Pikus four, your father never learned the rings secrets. He never needed to since there was never a threat in the Algeverse that warranted such a compelling power.”

“King Thaikos and his two daughters are the only beings that know how to make use of the rings.
There will come a day when you must seek out your friends, the Kashani, make sure you find them, young ones. The Algeverse will be depending on you.”

Suddenly the Bazlarin left the groom’s body flew around the room for a moment and disappeared. Once the groom composed himself there was a long silence. The crowned prince looks angrily at the bride and asked “What is you final word, my bride?”

She looked at him and said “Until the time is right you must disappear into parts of the unknown Algeverse. Two ancient powers have marked your kind for death-one in your recent past and one in your future, my lords.” She begged suddenly “Leave this place now, go find you friends and disappear.”
“Are you sure?” asked the crowned prince.

“Yes, yes I am sure” she said in despair ”Your people’s power is also ancient. Children of light and creation, as it’s grown so have your list off enemies.”

“Fine” answered the crowned prince “We will be taking our leave. Thank you my bride, thank you my groom.” They both nodded. “Thank you” said the warrior prince. “Be safe, young princes, some day the fight for all that exist may find you. Be prepared.” The brothers nodded and flew from the castle to there ship.

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