the collective

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Chapter 41

The Warrior Prince sat in his seat like most of the others. He looked to the Blonde and Green eyes standing by the ship’s beverage maker. Silently drinking hot beverages from their cups, he crossed his arm in thought. The fate of these humans doesn’t concern me-they are disorderly, chaotic and clumsy at best. If my brother decides to kill them all it will be done swiftly without mercy and if he decides to spare them oh well so be it. 

I’m only concerned about my training after the purge of humanity. I must become stronger, which will be cumbersome to say the least. There are no worthy adversaries to battle on this anemic world. My brother and the others will have to do. We will fed off each other to become more, eventually I will fly off planet to gain strength in space. Maybe I’ll find a race of warriors somewhere close to earth that I can destroy. 

This is the most remote inhabited planet we’ve ever come across. This is totally uncharted territory, who knows if I can find someone or something else to nullify. He nodded his head slowly, this should be fascinating.He looked up to see his twin enter the room. Everyone took their seats as he said “Time to get down to business.” He took his seat and looked at his brother and the General. 

Then he said “I know most of you could care less about my plans for humanity, nevertheless I do have plans for them. We will establish a new kingdom on this planet Earth.” Just as he was about to continue speaking an alarm sounded. He looked to the Blonde who looked up from her left wrist saying “It’s the Captain. His ship is all but dead in space. If we don’t go collect him it would take 61 hours for him to meet us here, he sent his coordinates. By my calculations, the Barbarous can get to him in just over two hours.”

“Well then” said the Crowned prince standing “our priorities have now changed. No need to discuss my plans for Earth until we retrieve the Captain. After all, he knows the planet better than any of us. And I for one would like to hear him tell us, face to face, about this boost in power he claims to have felt on this world.”

Everyone stood as the Warrior Prince said “Fine then, let’s go get our Captain and from there we conquer the planet Earth.” His brother smiled “My sentiments exactly.Let’s be off.” And with that said the 6 of them left the conference room enroute to the ship’s bridge.