The Lone Warrior

Chapter 3

He noticed a homeless man begging on the corner, he reached into his pocket and pulled out at least a thousand dollars and gave it to him. The homeless man looked up with a bright smile and said “Thank you sir , thank you so very much.” The lone warrior leaned in and said “Soon you will no longer need this currency and if you survive the expulsion, this world will be made perfect.” The homeless man looked at him bewildered as he said “Remember my face when you see it again know that this world will be made a new.” “Ok,ok what ever you say, sir.“ The homeless man smiled as he began to walk away.

The lone warrior laughed as he moved his long white hair from his face. He then began to walk and felt himself becoming hungry. He walked another three blocks then entered a Japanese steakhouse named “Chi”. He was taken to his table by a lovely middle aged Asian women, he then sat down and ordered the restaurant’s most expensive steak from his gorgeous Japanese waitress.

When she returned to his table she took his order, smiled and left. After my meal I’ll shed this garb and train over the Atlantic Ocean. I need the exercise, once I’m done with that I’ll have another look at this world’s strongest countries and the joke of a war machine each of them possess.

A few moments later the waitress came back with his meal. He then proceeded to asked her seriously “Where can I find a woman to bed?” He pulled out at least 5,000 dollars in cash and said “If you find one for me I’ll give this to you and I’ll give her the same amount.”

“Are you serious?” She asked shyly as her eyes widened, ”Sir you are very handsome you don’t need to pay for a woman.”

He smiled and said arrogantly “Of course I don’t, but I’ll be leaving this city shortly and I do not want to waste any more time here than need be. I plan to be over the Atlantic Ocean by night fall. I have a few hours to spare and I wish to mate with a woman from this city” he looked at the 5’4” long haired young Japanese woman her beautiful face and shapely body and said “You seem beautiful enough,” he smiled “Yes, you’ll do nicely. Are you interested in my proposal?”

She looked at the tall muscular white haired man in the sunglasses. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen, he could easily have any girl he wanted. When he first walked in everyone stared at him waiting to see if anyone was going to join him but no one ever came. He dined alone. This is crazy she thought but I could use that money, she began to convince herself, that this was her lucky day. She said “I’ll meet you outside after you finish your meal.”

“I’ll be quick” he smiled. She bowed and quickly walked away thinking, ”After today I’ll be debt free.” She walked into her boss’ office and told him she had a family emergency and had to leave. The middle aged Japanese man said “Yes, yes of course go I hope everything is ok.” “It will be” she answered over her shoulder leaving the room as he went back to the game on his phone.

She then grabbed the rest of her things from her locker and went outside to find the handsome white haired man waiting for her. He smiled ”You lead the way.”

The couple walked down the street as all eyes fixated on them. She smiled and said “I didn’t tell you my name.” He looked down at her and asked “Is that important?”

“Yes” she said taken aback “Don’t you want to know the name of the woman you’re about to sleep with? I’m Yumi and you are?” He thought about it for a second and remembered the nice farmer he met during his time in Portugal what was his name… “Cortez” he smiled at her “My name is Cortez.”

“That’s a nice name” she grinned reaching for his hand as she lead him to a hotel that was a few blocks from where she worked. As they went inside, he gave her some cash to pay for the room. She got the key and they silently rode the elevator to the 4th floor.

They exited the elevator and walked to room 403, the first room on the left. She opened the door and they walked inside to a nicely lit room. She dropped her things, turns to him to ask “How long do you have?”

“My time is short” he responded, “I need to leave here very soon. I must prepare a report for my comrades” he then thought “but I can be flexible if necessary.” He gave her the first stack of bills and said “Your job is to convince me to stay. If you’re successful, I’ll give you this”, pulling out a second stack of bills .

She walked over looked up at him. Then began removing his jacket, slowly loosened his tie then unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his chiseled chest and perfect abs. “Breathtaking” she whispered to herself looking up at him as he took off his glasses to reveal his eyes. She thought how could one man be so beautiful, he’s like an angel. She touched his face and said “I’m going to give you everything I have and more.”
“I’m counting on it” he responded as he began to kiss her.

Three hours later the Lone warrior stood as she laid there on the bed. Totally exhausted yet smiling from ear to ear remembering the moans, the screams and tears as she cried in ecstasy. Their love making still vivid in her mind she then gleefully asked “How did I do?”

He laughed “Excellent, you are a credit to your species.” She stood looking at his naked body and began to get excited again even though she ached all over. He went into his briefcase and pulled out his form fitting body armor.

She watched him get dressed once done, she marveled at his black armor trimmed in white complete with his black and white gloves and boots. She touched his chest and said “What is this? I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“It’s my peoples traditional armor” he cut in,”each of our 13 tribes adorn the exact body armor with different colored breast plates and gauntlets, my tribe’s color is white. I’ll be taking my leave now. Do you plan to stay here?” he smiled as she quickly began to dress.

“Remember what I said to you. In under two of your calendar years my group and I will return here to live on this planet find me then and your dreams will be made true.”
She looked at the 50,000 dollars he gave to her and said “You already have.”

He laughed looking at the money “Enjoy it,soon that and many other things on this earth will disappear.” She grabbed his suit and shoes put it in the briefcase with the money and they left the room. The two of them rode the elevator to the lobby and walked down a quiet street.

He stood in front of her took both of her hands and said “Now I must go.”
“Are you really an alien? I mean I believe you, it’s justtt…”she stammered “another planet?” she asked again.

He stepped back and said “Can the beings of your world do this?” and he suddenly flew off. She watched in amazement as he disappeared into the clouds.

This is all out of a dream she thought happily, there’s no way this happened and to me of all people.
I’m going home to rest, three hours that guy had to be an alien no man could do what he did to me. She walked casually to the corner turned around one last time “Cortez” she smiled dancing a little as she crossed the street “He said his name was Cortez.”

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