The Lone Warrior

 Chapter 2

His first stop was China, he stood on the roof of a tall building in the city of Shanghai. He wanted to blend in with the city’s population below which was hard to do in his body armor. Another draw back was his height, not to mention his hair.

He looked at the people on the street below, thinking to himself, I need new garb and some of those, those sun glasses. It’s a rarity on this planet to have eyes such as mine. I’ll also need some of that currency, the paper that they use on this world to gain property and services. I guess I’ll find one of those bank and take some.

Twenty minutes later the white haired warrior stood in the middle of the bustling city in a black three piece suit, white shirt, black shoes with a black and white paisley neck tie. He also held a briefcase filled with money and his suit of armor.

The pollution in this region is sickening he thought. Why would they continue to damage their home planet when they’re not capable of interstellar travel, he shook his head angrily in disbelief.

He walked around for an hour or so, tasted some local cuisine and decided to leave. Enough of this region he thought I’ve had my fill and he flew away. He continued to fly around the world, starting in the East then heading West. Stopping in each of the developed and undeveloped countries of the world, walking among the inhabitants, taking in each regions customs.

He looked in store windows, admiring the women, sampling the different food that caught his eye, since he knew he had a long trip ahead of him. He would take food back to his ship to sample later, he also wanted to get a feel for each region and its people so he could have a proper report for the crowned prince.

“Finally” he said to himself landing on the roof of 1 Times Square after flying around the earth for the last seven hours following the sun west. So this is New York’s Time Square, the crossroads of the world. He looked down from the roof for people on the street, he then landed in an alley hidden from sight.

He began to walk down the street, thinking it seems all over this world, in each developed country the pollution is staggering but these, these humans seem to be fine with it. They don’t seem to understand the calamity that awaits them in the not too distant future. What a waste, oh well no matter when the others arrive we will correct everything wrong with this world.

He began to look closely at the humans in New York City thinking members of every tribe of this world are represented here in this country, all seeming to be living in harmony. I guess this New York, this America is the country for all.

He thought to himself, I feel stronger since I’ve arrived here. It’s as if I’ve been in short battle and have been healed, strange. I’ll test myself before I meet with the others but so far, for my part, this world seems perfect. Perfect for the taking, he continued to walk downtown until he made his way to 22nd street.

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