The Lone Warrior

Chapter 1

He sat in his black octagon shaped spacecraft flying deep into the eastern quadrant of the Algeverse. He sat there quietly, grief stricken and full of sorrow. He slowly shook his head and finally sighed defeatedly as the pain took him over once more, he then stood moving his long white shoulder length hair from his face to look deep into the void of space trying to see past the ocean of emptiness. He slowly looked down to his white and black boots then back to the spacecraft’s glass to see his reflection.

            He admired himself in his  flexible form fitting body armor with its white breastplate and shoulder gauntlets against the rest of the black armor which stopped at the top of his neck.  He looked to his white gloved hands and thought I can’t believe they’re gone-mother, father, everyone is gone. I’ve become the last of my line.
“Captain, what’s your location? ” said the familiar baritone voice, breaking his thoughts. He slowly looked to the communicator on the left side of his well defined chest, which oddly resembled a bizarre broken letter “F”. He tapped the communicator once and said “I’m way off into the east General. Have you or the others found anything or anyone?”
“Not a trace, Captain” answered the General solemnly “The area has been swept more times than I care to count. As our science officer assessed before we all separated, it seems that our sun has imploded taking everything and everyone in our system with it.”

“But General” he said angrily “our system’s sun has never shown signs of being unstable, this all doesn’t seem right something else went
on there. I’m sure of it.”

              “The rest of us believe as you do, Captain”, he paused “we’ve been searching for survivors for the last 6 cycles and nothing. Still, it does seem suspicious that the king kept his seven strongest warriors away from the planet when by law we were mandated to be there.” The General paused again “something deeper than we know may have  happened to our home.” “So what now? “asked the Captain, “Do we continue the search?” “No our mission has changed. The crowned prince commands we find a suitable planet to live on. It’s natives if any should be physically compatible to us so that our ways will continue and our people live on.”

         The General continued “We will be leaving beacons in every system we enter, just in case. Only our people will be able to access the encrypted message. Leading any survivors to the warship’s coordinates wherever we may find ourselves.” “Fine, General “said the Captain” I’ll continue east. No one seems to have ever traveled this far.” He chuckled. “I’m going to find out what’s here, if anything.”
“Yes, Captain continue east, I’m sure we’ll find a  planet that suits our needs I’ll expect to hear from you in 7 cycles.” “Of course,General” he then taped his communicator ending the transmission.

  He went back to his seat as the ship continued on, thinking most of these systems were barren. I see why no one flies this far east.

Forty-three minutes later he looked up to see a bright yellow light far off into the distance. “What’s that? “he said uneasily to himself. ”It seems as if there is a laceration right through the fabric of space. I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing.” He grabbed on to his ship’s controls to move away from it but it was too late, he was being dragged forward. There was nothing he could do.

                  The ship’s speed began to increase, now being pulled directly into the light. He watched the bright yellow light grow larger and larger. He took his hands from the controls and slowly moved his long white hair from his face and smiled “Oh well, if today’s destiny is for me to meet oblivion I welcome it with open arms. His ship then quickly disappeared into the rip which closed behind him.He was finally able to come to a stop. Then turning his ship to where he came from to
see nothing but empty space. “Well I won’t be leaving the way I came,that’s for sure” he said aloud.

          “Where am I? ” he thought looking to his instrument panel in disbelief “How is this possible? I’m 601 trillion miles from my last location, even through negative matter it would take at least nine cycles to get back to the others. Blast it” he muttered. he then looked from his craft to the yellow and red light as he felt the heat from the solar system’s sun.

               “That’s a strong sun. There maybe sentient life in this system.” He raised the ship’s antenna to see if he could find any signs of life. After a few moments he smiled. “There is life here.” The third planet from this sun. He piloted his craft just outside the planet’s atmosphere. And said to himself “Now to find out what I’ll soon be dealing with.” He tapped a few buttons on the ships instrument panel then reached under his seat and pulled out the ship’s headset which connected his brain to the ship’s computer. This would enable  him to collect any reconnaissance on planets nearby , as long as they were capable of storing information via satellites.

                   He put on the headset then closed his eyes and began to see the planet called Earth and it’s entire history the good, the bad and the indifferent. An hour later he stood and laughed aloud almost in disbelief of his findings. “It’s everything we’re looking for and more. To top it off the plebeian natives here are the truest of weaklings, this planet’s most powerful weapons couldn’t even scratch my armor. Beyond their cinema they’ve never witnessed and known of true power. I’ll take this day to fly down and look the place over then I’ll go find the others.”

The door of his ship opened and the lone warrior flew down to the little blue planet to see if everything he just learned was true.

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