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Chapter 47

Not surprised the Lieutenant put his challis down and said “Your plan is sound, my lord. I have but one misgiving. This planet Earth seems over populated especially in the dense Metropolis’. When we show humanity who we are there will be pandemonium in the streets of nations, the world over. The only way we will be able to curb this violence is to kill the violators. Which, in turn, will cause more resistance. That’s why I believe we should just kill most of them outright. Then there will be far less irritants to deal with later.”

Prince Rikorn said “As far as population goes Lieutenant, I’ve done my research, the Earth could easily sustain a population of 30 billion. So the 20 billion humans there now are insignificant. Yes I will still be rid of a great many of them but that’s only to stoke fear, reinforce obedience, and punish nations I deem fit for removal.”

The Prince continued on“Even if we destroy large land masses we are capable of terraformation so we lose nothing.We will also eradicate their dependents on those ancient energy sources they make use of. My question to all of you” looking around folding his hand on the table, “is what are the two things most humans crave beyond all else?” 

Before anyone could answer, he continued “Long life and power-physical and financial. We will be providing them with both these gifts and like billions of sheep they will follow the shepherds. That being us seven and if after all we do for them they continue to be a problem we will turn them to dust simple as that.”

The Lieutenant looked at him and nodded “Fine my lord, I only hope we’re not wasting our time with such inferior beings, otherwise your plan is sound.” 

“As far as this planet is from anything” answered Prince Rikorn “time is on our side.” He then turned to Piscera and then said “My love, my navigator tell me of your concerns, if any?”

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