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Chapter 48

Piscera, the blonde, looked at him and said “My only concern is where will we reside, my lord? Where on this Earth will we call home?” “ In the North America” he answered. “But make no mistake the entire planet is our home, all of it. You see the American leader this President Colliver is the key to this plans success. He is the best administrator this planet has to offer, he is also loved the world over and will be very instrumental in our conquest . He will help them all understand that they have no power against us and will calm any true resistance.” 

“Then I have nothing further, my lord.” She answered with a smile.  “But I’m sure my science officer has a few things to add” He smiled looking at Arieza, staring directly into her green eyes.

“All I ask” she said sternly “Is why do they deserve these gifts you plan to bestow upon them? History shows they’ve spoiled everything they touched. How are you so sure they won’t squander this opportunity for perfection?” 

“I’m not” he laughed taking a sip from his challis “But to be different you have to be shown different and then you will begin to think and act differently.” 

“He paused “But ultimately the best I can do is hope they chose life. A life unknown to their kind. I do know this, once they taste this new life of abundance and longevity they will come to call us Gods. Because we will undoubtedly end their pain, suffering and untimely death. You’ve read their religious text this is what humanity has longed for. All throughout their history they wish for miracles. We will give them what they desire.” 

“Fine, my lord.” she answered “By the time we reach Earth my part in your plan will be ready for employment with a few added surprises.” 

“I expect nothing less and for the record.” Prince Rikorn added “As great as he was you are a far greater scientist than your mentor.” 

“Thank you, my lord.” Arieza said taken aback by such praise.

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