the lone warrior

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Chapter 34

After completing the necessary repairs on his ship the lone warrior wasted no time and began charging his ship’s engines to make the jump to negative matter. As the engines continued to charge setting the newly repaired cutler manifold into place he walked over to the ship’s refrigerator and grabbed a canister of water. As he sat at the ship’s helm he began checking the craft’s gauges to see if anything was amiss.

“Two minutes and then I’m on my way” he thought. Suddenly he began receiving an encrypted transmission from the Deliverance via a scout ship similar to his own. I wonder what this is about he asked himself. He then turned on his monitor and began to watch and listen to his comrades. Knowing he couldn’t watch or listen to the message while traveling through negative matter, he decided to stay where he was to view what was discussed by the others. 

When the transmission was complete he sat there for what seemed to be a long time. Ingesting all the information he was sent, he looked around then shouted how dare they go to Bonoba without me. They know how much I love that world! He then laughed. Here I am with all the things going on and I’m worried about the Ranthopin. 

He then grew serious. So they haven’t viewed my transmission. Glad the Crowned prince took my suggestion and is waiting until they are all together. Smart, that way they can view it as a collective. I’d love to see the excitement on their faces when they see the gem of a planet I’ve discovered. His thoughts changed over to his main concern. 

What’s really troubling is the fact that someone very powerful, maybe even more powerful than Vachool himself, wants us extinct and they are concealing our past.Everyone is right in saying we should leave, go to Earth until we’re strong enough to battle and destroy any foe, even if it’s the King of kings himself.

Then his thoughts were interrupted by the ships A.I. saying. “The cutler manifold is set. All of my functions read normal. I’m at your command Captain.”“Sixty seconds” he answered. “Entering negative matter in 60 seconds” she responded. Then he thought maybe this is somehow all by design, truthfully I could have never found Earth without that phenomenon, that laceration in space. 

He nodded with conviction. “If this is some entities’s grand symphony the seven will vanquish its composer, this I vow.” “Entering negative matter in five seconds” said the ship. “Finally”, he responded as he watch his ship enter the colorful void.