the lieutenant

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Chapter 7

As he walked from his ship he looked around at the seemingly barren desert area of the planet Crelojah, thinking my ship confirmed life forms here yet I see nothing.

He raised his right hand to the broken ”F” styled communicator on the left side of his chest, tapped it and said “General if you can hear me, please respond. I’m on the planet Crelojah and I’ve found nothing. You said I’d find some warriors here.”

“I suggest you send your ship to the sky” said the baritone voice of his General “They know you’ve arrived and will be coming soon. I myself am about to fly through the Milligoth, Lieutenant, so I won’t be able to talk to you after this. Have your fun and meet me at the rendezvous point, from there we meet the twins.”

“Fine General, of course I’ll be there.” He walked over to his ship and sent it above the clouds. As he watched it disappear he thought how could it all be gone-mother, father, Marah all dead-everyone’s dead.

His anger grew as he felt rumbling under his feet. He grinned wickedly “Just as the General said.” He flew to the sky just as hundreds of armored crimson colored crab like creatures appeared from under the sand.

The Lieutenant looked on as he heard greater rumbling beneath the sand and soon appeared dozens of giant brown colored worms. These creature’s, allies to the crab men, had no eyes only a round mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

The largest of the crab men yelled “We are the Mochin, you have entered the sacred ground of our ancestors. Tell me, why are you here?” he paused “by law you must leave this place this is your only warning.”

The Lieutenant slowly flew down to him as his warriors readied themselves. “ I have no quarrel with you nor your people. I’ve come to bring peace to your world I’ve come to destroy the Scrogin.”

The taller warlord looked him up and down then said “I know what you are stranger. Yes, long ago an ancestral king of your world assured mine that he would send troops to destroy the Scrogin, if we gave him 5 tons of lominium the alloy to complete your people’s invincible armor, the very armor you now have on. Our people waited and waited but none of your kind ever returned” he paused and slowly continued “Once your kind destroyed the Volandians, our system fell under your protection. Yet, you didn’t protect this planet, you didn’t protect us from the Scrogin.”

The Lieutenant looked up at him and answered “My humblest apologies but my people have run into our own tribulations since then. But my king’s word will be kept. Your mighty Scrogin is no match for me.”

The warlord laughed as his men joined in “You are nothing more than a child how could you alone defeat such a monster?” The Lieutenant just looked at him. “Fine”said the warlord shaking his head “He’s not far just over that ridge.” The warlord pointed eastward “If you fight him warrior it’s to the death. There is no retreat no surrender.”

The Lieutenant looked up to the warlord again as he began to power up “You may not know this about my people, but we only surrender to death” and flew off.

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