THe Seven

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Chapter 43

The Captain entered the bridge moved his long white hair from his face to see his six comrades waiting for him. “It’s been quite the while, Captain” said the Lieutenant, coolly standing with his arm extended “Good to have you back!” The Captain extended his arm they held each other at the bicep as the Captain said “Its great to be back.” 

They released each other as the Blonde walked over hugged him and said “You had me worried.” He smiled “I couldn’t let you down and come back empty handed could I”? “So finally” said Green eyes seeming angry “The great Captain has again graced us with his presence.” He released the Blonde turned to her and said “Yes I missed you, too.” The pair hugged, he released her and turned to his General as with the Lieutenant, they each extended one their arm greeting each other in their peoples traditional manner.

“Welcome back, Captain” smiled the General. “Thank you General” he replied, “Its been a long and arduous journey.” He then looked up the see the Warrior Prince and bowed his head and said“Greetings, my Prince” as he looked up. The Warrior Prince said nothing as he extended his arm, the Captain did the same. They greeted each other then released as he turn and walked to the Crowned Prince. 

He stood in front of him and bowed to one knee and said “My Lord.” The Crowned Prince laughed “Rise my friend, why you continue to do that is beyond me.” The Captain stood and said with a laugh“Must not forget protocol my Lord.” They began to walk side by side as the others followed behind them. 

The Crowned Prince said to him “Am I to believe that everything in you report is factually accurate?” The Captain looked to him and said “Yes, you saw it all for yourself, my Lord. I need add nothing more.” “And that my, dear Captain, is music to my ears” answered the Crowned prince as they entered the conference room.