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Chapter 44

Everyone sat waiting for the Crowned Prince to begin. As he stood there thinking about his plans for Earth and how to improve it, he looked at his two great friends. The brilliant, bold and beautiful Areiza who’s green eyes captivated all who gaze into them. He moved his head slightly to look at the the maniacal and creative Lieutenant, Sagiton, the youngest to ever hold his rank and power levels.

He then looked to his first and only love his navigator, the Blonde named Piscera. The strongest of her tribe who’s blonde hair and aqua blue eyes enthralled all that feasted upon her beauty. He then looked to his father’s best friend General, Taurasun. He is one of his toughest mentors, the greatest tactician of his kind, undoubtedly the bravest of them all.

He then looked at his own best friend who moved his long white hair from his face, the famously cunning Geminot, Captain of the guard. He then looked to his right, to his twin brother Leodris the famed sharp end of the spear, the fearless Warrior Prince whom he loved like no other. 

Finally, the Crowned Prince, Rikorn, took his seat and said “Each of us alone and together have taken over planets and subjugated it’s inhabitants. Truthfully, in most instances each of us have slaughtered entire populations of said planets. I make no apologies for this, after all we are conquerers bred, warriors born.”

He smiled “ But this undertaking will be slightly different. I don’t wish us to be looked at by the humans as only murderous invaders bent on destroying their civilizations and cultures. I believe we need to change our approach this time.” “So what do you suggest?” asked his brother seeming uninterested. 

Rikorn looked at him filled with rage“Am I boring you, dear brother? Do you have something better to do that I’m not aware of! I wouldn’t want to waste your precious time.” Leodris looked at him seriously and said “No Rikorn, no I don’t.”“Then quiet you questions until I am finished” he continued his voice rising in anger, “And I will be suggesting nothing. I am in full command now, father is gone!” He then looked around at the others. Our king is gone and by law the strongest of us leads, no matter how far our numbers have dwindled.” 

“No one is questioning your rule” his brother Leodris spat “Least of all me. What has gotten into you?” “Nothing dear brother, my apologies” he answered, calming down “I just want you all to hear me out, understand this is going to be a new experience for us all. Never in the history of our people has there been the situation we find ourselves in. Facing near extinction with no where to call home, not knowing if and when we will be discovered by those seeking our demise. ” He paused “Only our ancestors that fought in the Great War know of such peril. Yes, we are the seven greatest warriors of our race, that’s without question. But our current power levels won’t be enough to destroy our future adversaries. So for once, killing everything in our path is not the answer.”

“Then my lord please tell us what your answer is?” Asked General Taurasun looking around to the others “I assure you there will be no further interruptions.”

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