the general

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Chapter 32

He looked at the monitors and said in his deep voice “it seems I’ve learned a great deal yet,very little at the same time.I’ll start at the beginning…. When I left the warship I searched for an old friend an ally of your father and I. We’ve forged this alliance going back to the war with the Molyins, when your father proved himself King.”

He paused “but back to my tale, I found Paramus on a planet he recently purchased for his retirement in the Kovak system. We talked about old times and the friends long dead but during our conversation he said something interesting to me. He said he’s seen and heard what we’ve done and how strong we’ve become over this last century. We’ve become true agents of fear and are known as the greatest scourge of the Algerverse. 

He also stated that our technology has become so advanced that we have come to a point in history where the only force with the ability stop us is the almighty Hecatomb and the last few centuries exploits may have drawn the King of King’s eye.”

“Scourge of the Algerverse” smiled the Crowned prince from the monitor “that has a nice ring to it. My apologies, General,please continue.” 

“He told me of the distain half of the known Algerverse has for our people. He spoke of parades and galaxy wide celebrations due to the knowledge of our planet’s demise” the General paused “But he also spoke of the love and admiration the other half of the Algeverse has for us. Which leads me to believe our allies and enemies will eventually come to war for dominance.” 

“Doesn’t matter”cut in the Warrior prince “our allies possess the means to defend themselves if need be.” 

“True” his brother added “no need to concern ourselves with that. Our friends can protect themselves, we’ve seen to that.”

“Of course, my Lord” said the General “ I was also able to contact Chylothorn.” 

The Twins looked at each other remembering that the Bazlarin told them that one day they will need to find King Thaikos and his daughters to teach them the power of the rings they have yet to find. 

“What of her Father and Princess Chuleekorn ?”asked the Lieutenant. 

“They were away at a convention with leaders of near by systems”the General answered. 

“But this is what she said to me-the near extinction of our people has changed the very structure of the known Algerverse and many will try to take our place. She was genuinely happy the seven were alive. She revealed that though we are some of the most powerful beings she’s ever seen, we still must flee the known systems because anyone with courage and power to attack our planet must truly be a formidable enemy. An enemy we aren’t capable of defeating at our current level of power.” 

“She knows little about my power” the Warrior prince blurted. “Again, I agree with my Twin” cut in the Crowned prince.

“But I also agree with the Crowned princess” looking up at his brother he asked.“Tell me, dear brother, in all the wars you’ve fought and systems you’ve manage to crushed underfoot. Of those, how many adversaries have you come across with power to contend with yours,least say mine?”

Before the Warrior prince was able to speak the Crowned prince said “of course few to none. So like Chylothorn said anyone with the power and capabilities to implode our home should be strong enough to hunt down and annihilate any survivors and because of that we must go into hiding. Until we learn more about who or what this could be,we must use this opportunity to become stronger. General?” 

“Unfortunately” the General said” I too believe the Princess is right. Few would be so brazen to attack us so I believe we should retreat, regroup and watch from afar.”

“She also told me something I’m sure you’ll find interesting. She said to me that your father was in possession of an ancient artifact given to the Kashani by the Perineal Primiea herself.” 

“I’ve never heard of such an artifact. Father never told me about it” lied the Crowned prince, “did he mention anything to you, dear brother?” 

“This is the first I’ve heard of it”the Warrior prince lied.

The General said ”she assured me it wasn’t on our home world. It’s been hidden somewhere by your father. She knew that for sure she said. One of you may know of a place the king would hide such a thing? I myself know of a few worlds to consider, but our king kept many things to himself. Should the day ever come we retrieve said artifact she says come to her planet and we will be taught how to use it.

As for the Ranthopin and the Kismet they found nothing worth while to aid us in our discovery. But again, Pilar said we should leave start anew, move on till the time is right to return” He looked down from the monitors then looked up and said “so what is your decree, my Lord?”