the lone warrior

Chapter 5

8 months later.

It’s amazing that I’ve been flying through negative matter for over 6 cycles. Five years ago this would have been impossible. He thought about his science officer. 

She is a true genius, creating this new power source to boost speed through negative matter. The Cromia she discovered and used to coat the outside of the ship with was the discovery of a lifetime.

If not for that this trip would have taken me well over 15 cycles. Even now she’s working on a system to move even faster through space. 

Hopefully they will soon receive my report then we can make a swift return to earth.

He looked around. I’ve always hated the design of these ships there’s not much room to properly train. He then thought no one ever had to be confined to a scout ship for much longer than a cycle. He walked to his ships console and thought I’ve passed through 340 thousand systems on my way to the others. We will have lots of future exploring to do, then his thoughts went back to his family and friends lost on his home world.

Why did the king order us to stay off the planet? Did he have prior knowledge of our planet’s demise? There has to be more to this than meets the eye, there aren’t many foes that would dare stand against us. We have too many allies and spies throughout the Algerverse. The king and queen would have seen such a threat coming far before it happened.

I think war is out of the question not without the seven greatest living warriors of our people, he smiled, but the rebirth of our race is on the horizon if we can successfully procreate with the native females of earth, even though they are thousands of times weaker than our females but their anatomy seems the same, and our cells hold the dominant trait so I have little doubt that our offspring will be strong.

The Lone Warrior fiddled around restlessly for a while then thought oh well I guess I’ll go back to sleep afterwards I’ll do at least a billion pushups. There isn’t much else I can do , hopefully they’ll soon received my transmission, after that the fun begins.

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