the lone warrior

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Chapter 24

 The Captain sat at the ship’s helm for more than three hours hoping to find a planet that held what he needed to fix his ship. 

He couldn’t stand the thought of taking more time than necessary to get to his comrades.

“Captain, I believe I’ve found something. I’m scanning this sun’s 5th planet” the ship’s A.I. said to him. 

“What does your scan of the planet tell us?”he asked,”I’d like to know if the native are hostile,not that it matters but I’d still like to know.” 

“From the information gathered in my initial scan, this unnamed planet

seem to be in it’s infancy as are it’s inhabitants” complied the A.I. and continued”

They have only begun crafting tools,it is a civilization not yet civilized. 

This planet has the resin I need, yes Captain, but in its crude form. It would have to be heated for you to make use of it.”

“Fine” the Captain said readying himself to fly down to the fifth planet in the system, “How do I find this resin, what do I look for?” 

“You must find the Resomba plant. There is a field of them right in the heart of the native’s territory” confirmed the A.I., “All of the relevant information has been uploaded to you communicator.”

“Then I’ll be off. The quicker this is done, the faster I can meet with the others.” He smiled to himself thinking as they say on Earth this will be easier than taking candy from a baby.

He pressed a button on the ship’s console then watched the front of his ship open and flew down to the unnamed planet. 

Hoping to get back on schedule,he quietly landed on the planet as the sun was beginning to rise.

“That’s a strong sun” he smiled he then reached down and touched the soil at his feet “Rich and moist, I’ll keep this planet in mind as a back up. Chart it so I’ll remember how to get back. Now to find this plant.”

He slowly flew around the area admiring the plant and wild life until he found what he was after. He plucked six of them thinking that should be more than enough. 

He put them in a small canister then turned to fly away. Before he could take flight he noticed close to sixty of the male natives on their knees praying to him.

He smiled and thought they were very quiet. I thought they were some beasts of the field. 

He shrugged his shoulders and thought maybe I’ll take a few hours,a day or two and jump start their evolution a few hundred years. 

Why not? They seem to believe that I’m a deity so I’ll give them a few miracles.