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As the Crowned prince walked with Sharay down the corridor in route to the ship he came across his brother and Loma, the Queen’s sister.

“So dear brother are you ready to depart?”asked the Crowned prince. “I’m here, aren’t I” answered the Warrior prince. “Yes, dear brother you are”he answered slightly irritated, “let’s be off then.” The four of them silently walked down the corridor each in their own thoughts. 

“I hope there’s a battle soon”said the Warrior prince “I need some exercise to shake off this calm.” “Ah,”his brother said laughingly to the Queen’s sister“You must have done a great number on my brother. He always wishes to do battle after his thirst has been quenched. Great job!”

She blushed as they continued walking. Moments later they rounded the corner to see the others waiting for them.

“So”said the Crowned Prince “everyone’s present and accounted for.” Turning to Sharay he kissed her on both cheeks and smiled “till we meet again.” She hugged him and quickly walked away. 

His brother look to Loma and said “You will always hold a special place in my heart.” She kissed him passionately, wiped a tear from her eye and walked away never turning around.

The Twins turned to Queen Pilar while the Lieutenant grabbed both her hands and said “thank you for all you’ve done past and present.” “It’s my pleasure young one”she smiled “tell your Captain I said hello.” “I’ll do just that,goodbye”he released her hands walked to his ship and entered. 

She turn to the General and said “no more words need be spoken between us.” “I agree”he answered as he picked her up and kissed her. 

The Warrior prince tilted his head ,looked to his brother who looked back at him quizzically. The General put her down and said “goodbye Pilar.” “Farewell General.” He then walked to his ship and entered. 

She looked to the Twins and the younger one said “every trip here has been better than the last. I am in your debt, my Queen.”

“There are no debts between our people just love and friendship.” He nodded as the Crowned prince said “if ever there comes a time that you may need us for anything, send the Kismet to find us. No matter how far we may be, we will come to your aid. I trust our General has given you what you would need to track us down?”

She nodded,”then my dear Queen Pilar we bid you and your fine people goodbye.” “Goodbye”she smiled “my door is always open to you.”

“Thank you Pilar, you are the perfect hostess”said the Crowned prince as they turned to their ship.

“One moment”she said to them walking over to the Twins. They stopped and turned to her.

“I want you to avenge my great friend, your father and King.”

The Warrior prince said “if we find out who or what is responsible for the destruction of our planet, I personally will leave their carcass to rot.” 

“My sentiments exactly”his brother said coldly to her. 

She nodded and they entered their ship, she watched as the three octagon ships slowly rose to the sky then quickly disappeared.