the collective

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Chapter 40

Green eyes watched her walk away and thought the Captain has made the discovery of a life time. This planet Earth is almost a replica of our home world. Of course, it’s circumference is smaller and it’s gravity is far less dense but otherwise it’s the same. I should be able to perfect the elemental power source teacher and I worked on before he…. Her thoughts paused, she smiled to herself shaking off the fond memories of her professor. 

Next to her, the greatest mind of their race. She continued in thought, the most astute of humans are no more brilliant than a yearling of our race. She thought with a scowl on her face, they are such a waste of oxygen and deserve to be decimated, besides what kind of name is “Earth” for a planet. You could call it Land, Dirt or the Planet soil for that matter, as far as I’m concerned humanity itself has little to no redeeming qualities. 

It will take a great deal of time and patience to make them worthy of the life we can provide for them.The so called warriors of Earth hide behind machines to fight their battles thought the General. As he looked to the Warrior Prince, who he knew was looking for a fight, he continued with his thoughts-each developed country has raced to create a better, bolder war machines to threaten others of the world with no true desire to use them. It’s a case of one being apprehensive and the other being elated to that. The weak, old and cowardly politicians control the government’s power and when the weak control power the powerful are made weak. 

My assessment of this Earth, he paused in thought to look at the others in the room then continued, is to eliminate half of them. Keep a quarter of them as slaves and the rest as pets. Mate with the strongest females to continue our way of life. Be that as it may, I’m sure the Crowned Prince has a more in-depth plan for the humans. 

He thinks much like his father, so annexing this planet should be interesting as well as entertaining. He shrugged his shoulders, I don’t care either way. They aren’t strong enough for me to give much thought, I alone could kill everyone there in roughly 9 minutes. He leaned back in his seat and thought let the Crowned Prince sort out the details. He seems to enjoy toying with his prey, I don’t.