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The seven
Chapter 52 After becoming even more intoxicated the seven of them told war stories and the tales of their...
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the twins-rikorn and leodris
Chapter 51 Prince Rikorn closed his eyes thinking I’m sure he’s still angry about my earlier outburst...
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General Taurasun
Chapter 50 “My great General do you have anything to add?” asked Rikorn. General Taurasun...
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Captain Geminot
Chapter 49 Prince Rikorn looked at Captain Geminot and said “Any further words of wisdom?”  Geminot...
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Chapter 48 Piscera, the blonde, looked at him and said “My only concern is where will we reside, my lord?...
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Chapter 47 Not surprised the Lieutenant put his challis down and said “Your plan is sound, my lord. I...
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Chapter 45 An hour and a half later the Crowned Prince Rikorn had finally finish speaking of his future...
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Chapter 44 Everyone sat waiting for the Crowned Prince to begin. As he stood there thinking about his...
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THe Seven
Chapter 43 The Captain entered the bridge moved his long white hair from his face to see his six comrades...
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The Seven
Chapter 42 The Lone Warrior sat at his ship’s helm flying slowly through space, hoping that his friends...
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