The Seven

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Chapter 42

The Lone Warrior sat at his ship’s helm flying slowly through space, hoping that his friends would come retrieve him soon. The boredom was maddening. He wasn’t used to being alone for so long and it was becoming increasingly irritating. He gazed into the nothingness of the void and thought it’s been close to 9 cycles since I’ve seen the others. I’m sure they miss me, after all I am the party’s life he chuckled. 

He slowly looked around the ship and thought we’ve been through a lot together ship, so when we reach the sol system I will pilot this ship to our new home. After she fixes it of course, he thought of Green eyes. Maybe I’ll drag the Lieutenant along with me, show him the view as I saw it.  He’ll love that. 

He continued looking out into space when suddenly something above his ship began to cast a large ominous shadow. As far as he could see everything went pitch black. He looked up to see the under side of a massive starship 20 times larger than his craft, he knew who it was. Moments passed as he got confirmation.

He smiled as he heard the voice of the Blonde say “Captain, commence docking sequence.” He looked down pressed a button on the ship’s console and said.“Docking sequence commenced.” He walked to the ship’s exit as it docked on to the Barbarous he paused then said seriously “And so it begins.” He then walked quickly to the warship’s bridge. His solo journey has finally come to an end and now commences the new chapter for the Seven.