Imperium: the commencement

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The seven
Chapter 52 After becoming even more intoxicated the seven of them told war stories and the tales of their most recent exploits. They also remembered and paid respect to the friends...
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the twins-rikorn and leodris
Chapter 51 Prince Rikorn closed his eyes thinking I’m sure he’s still angry about my earlier outburst so I’ll tread with care. He opened his eyes and said “Dear brother, my right...
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General Taurasun
Chapter 50 “My great General do you have anything to add?” asked Rikorn. General Taurasun took a sip of Donya and said “Truthfully I really don’t, I’m much older than you...
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Captain Geminot
Chapter 49 Prince Rikorn looked at Captain Geminot and said “Any further words of wisdom?”  Geminot moved his long white hair from his face and said “All I will add is that I’ve...
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Chapter 48 Piscera, the blonde, looked at him and said “My only concern is where will we reside, my lord? Where on this Earth will we call home?” “ In the North America” he answered....
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Chapter 47 Not surprised the Lieutenant put his challis down and said “Your plan is sound, my lord. I have but one misgiving. This planet Earth seems over populated especially in the...
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GD Johnson introduces you to a newly expanded galaxy called the Algaverse. GD brings you a fast-paced world from a fan’s perspective that everyone can enjoy. Please join him with the first installment of Imperium series.

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