Captain Geminot

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Chapter 49

Prince Rikorn looked at Captain Geminot and said “Any further words of wisdom?” 

Geminot moved his long white hair from his face and said “All I will add is that I’ve walked among them held conversations with them. I’ve even mated with one and I’ve come to realize the reason for all of their in-fighting. The hatred and racism that has plagued this planet stems from the fact that they believe they are the only sentient beings that exist in the Algerverse. Many claim to believe otherwise, but the way they treat each other says different. Since they have never been in contact with other beings to mobilize agains, engage wars with them they stand against each other instead.” 

“Well” answered Prince Rikorn. “Thats all about to change. We will convince them to pledge allegiance to us and then to each other” he then turned his attention to the General.

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