General Taurasun

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Chapter 50

“My great General do you have anything to add?” asked Rikorn.

General Taurasun took a sip of Donya and said “Truthfully I really don’t, I’m much older than you all and I’ve live only a military life. I was Captain of the Guard long ago under your grandfather’s rule.” He said looking at both Princes “I served as General and military advisor to your king, your father. As I do now for his son.” 

He smiled “I’ve been in more wars than all of you combined. Since this isn’t a full scale military operation my talents aren’t greatly needed.”

“Come now, General” laughed Prince Rikorn feeling the effect of his drink “Your knowledge and wisdom is needed as it’s always been and as it will always be to your parting of this world. You are my respected elder and advisor just as Scorpius was to my father, your input in this strategy is invaluable.” Taurasun nodded “As always when the time comes I am at your command.” Prince Rikorn nodded in agreement then turned to his brother.