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Chapter 45

An hour and a half later the Crowned Prince Rikorn had finally finish speaking of his future plans for Earth.  He called the blonde-Piscera over whispered to her and she quickly left the conference room only to return moments later holding a green bottle containing a brown liquid. General Taurasun smiled then looked to Price Rikorn “How long have you been holding on to that, my Lord? “

“It’s been here in my warship’s quarters for at least 200 cycles” stated Rikorn. Piscera put the bottle of Donya on the table in front of him and sat as Arieza gathered their silver chalices, embroidered with symbols representing each of their respective tribes. She put them down in front of her friends then took her seat. Captain Geminot asked “Is that the same bottle from the time you and I raided Cho-pin?”

“Yes, Geminot it is” answered Prince Rikorn opening the bottle, “I saved it for an occasion such as this.” He walked around the table filling each of their glasses with the only beverage thus far that could intoxicate his people. Donya, was an elixir produced on the planet Drunkard, one of their people’s many allies. The Crowned prince filled his challis last then returned to his seat. “So” he asked “What are your opinions of my plan to annex Earth?”

No one said a word. “Come now, don’t everyone speak at once” he smiled. Taking a sip of the warm brown liquid he continued “Fine, then I guess we’ll just have to do this by rank. Starting with you…Lieutenant” he said looking at him “the floor is yours.” All turned their focus over to the Lieutenant.