the lieutenant

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Chapter 31

As he moved his ship through the last of the Milligoth he noticed the Prince’s and the General’s ships far ahead of his. How can this be, he asked himself, I left before them. They must have taken one of those short cuts the Crowned prince spoke of, that’s the only way they could have beaten me here.

“Lieutenant” said the Crowned prince, as two of his four monitors came to life. He looked to his left to see the General, like him, sitting at the helm of his ship. He looked to his right to see the Crowned prince sitting in the commander’s chair of his Royal ship “the Deliverance” his brother standing on his right side. 

“Lieutenant”he said once more “command you craft to pilot you to the warship. We four have much to discuss.” 

“Yes, my lord” he said sternly “Ship take me to the Barbarous. Maintain speed with the Deliverance.” 

“The coordinates have been entered” said the ship’s A.I. “maintaining speed with the Deliverance.” 

He looked back to the monitor on his right as the Crowned prince said “shall we commence? Who would like to go first or shall I start?” 

“No, my lord, I’ll speak first. Let me tell you all I’ve learned”said the General.“Then by all means,General, enlighten us to your findings”said the Crowned prince with a wave of his hand.

The Lieutenant looked on with interest, he knew the General made two stops before meeting with Queen Pilar and her Kismet, but he didn’t know where those stops were. Now he would find out along the Princes.

“Lieutenant” said the Crowned prince “start a live transmission so the others will know what our individual missions have yielded.” 

“Of course,my lord, starting transmission now” he pressed a button on the ship’s console saying “the floor is now yours, General.”