the lone warrior

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Chapter 29

The Captain was having an interesting time teaching his new friends the art of evolving. He quickly broke them up into equal groups of males,females and children.The first group were the hunters whom he taught to make better weapons and traps so they could hunt bigger game. He also taught them how to skin carcasses without destroying any of the meat.

The second group were taught how to fish, to understand weather patterns and the migration of certain species of animals. His ship provided all the necessary information he needed about this world and what to do to jumpstart the people’s evolution.He made sure not to advance them too far ahead. He and his kind believe life was to be learned and some things are best learned alone without intervention.

Next was the third group,they were taught how to tend to the field and to domesticate certain birds and beast of burden for their use. 

The fourth group he taught to build solid structures so that they may live in communities instead of the caves the they now resided in. He also taught them how to make bricks and set foundations in the ground. 

The fifth and last group he taught them how to read and write their language. He taught them law and order and together they drafted a list of laws that should not be violated or the offender would be punished for his or her crimes. He was able to communicate with them because they spoke a primitive dialect similar to the Skytonya, old friends of the captain’s father. A language remembered being taught to him by his dad when he was a child. 

The lone warrior looked around and thought all seems to be going well for them. This is my good deed for the decade he grinned. They should fair quite nicely since there is no other life close to this system. They seem much like the early humans except they are much bigger,stronger and smarter. I’ve been here but three days and they’ve soaked up all the information I’ve given to them. That will be in their favor.

“Everyone”he said in their language “I want you all to gather around.” The entire tribe gathered around him as he placed some wood on the ground and made two piles then said“This is the last thing I’m going to show you afterwards we must part ways.” 

He paused briefly before proceeding “This is the way to cook your meat for a better taste. This can also be used for a great many other things. As time goes on you will see that fire can be a great asset.” 

He grabbed two sticks and told the tribe leader to rub them together over a pile of twigs,shortly after a spark flared bringing smoke. Then slowly a fire started he looked at the second pile and shot a blast from his hand and set the wood on fire. They all gasped and began bowing for the twentieth time. He smiled as he told others to find more stick to make their own fires. As they began to make fire he said “Once more my job is done.” 

He looked at one of the females who always stayed close to him, she was a natural beauty, he had considered sleeping with her but sided against it. He did not want to corrupt her and have her falling in love with what these beings considered a deity.

He then walked to the leader and said “I must leave now. Make sure you continue teaching the things you’ve learned for generations to come. Remember, I’ll be watching.” 

“We will do all you command” the leader answered. 

“Then I’m finished here”he began to power up, the ground began to shake as his power rose. Just as he was about to fly away the female who was enamored with him yelled “my lord, what is your name?”

He looked at her and said “call me Prometheus, the titan that stole fire from the Gods and gave it to you.” 

Suddenly he took to the sky, they watched until he was lost in the clouds.