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Chapter 6

“Where could they be?” asked the beautiful blonde female with the ocean blue streak of hair. She crossed her arms as she walked over, “Did you hear me?” she asked.

“I did, but I was sure that was a rhetorical question”, said a second female with emerald green eyes while looking up from her book then growing mildly irritated and continued “how am I to know where they are I’ve been here with you this entire time.”

The Blonde turned away as if she didn’t notice the sarcasm and said “So what are you reading?”

“I’m on course to completing the worm hole technology left to me by teacher” smiled the green eyed female as their ship flew through another empty system “Just imagine once I complete my final series of tests, we will be able to travel to destinations that would have taken us a cycle in negative matter in just seconds.”

The Blonde laughed “If anyone can do it, sister you can. You’ve always been the absolute smartest among us.”

The green eyed female closed her book stood and said “If my calculations are correct, which I’m sure they are, we will have another tool in our arsenal. I also want to have something positive to report later to the Crowned Prince. It’s been very upsetting that we haven’t found anyone from our planet.” 

“I fear we are all that’s left” answered The Blonde continuing “It seems no one got off the planet alive, sister. You, being the great scientist, what could have happened to our sun?”

The green eyed female looked away and answered “I didn’t want to say anything until we were all together”,she paused “but in my latest findings, I think the sun’s implosion was a diversion from the truth. Yes, the sun did implode but only after our home world was destroyed.” 

“Are you sure?” asked the Blonde angrily, knowing that she was.

“I have samples of our planet and of the sun’s surface and our planet exploded 12 minutes before the sun’s implosion.” “ That’s scientifically impossible if the sun was the cause of our planet’s demise. Our home world was attacked sister” “I’m 70% sure of it.”

“Who would dare! There is but a handful of beings that can battle a single one of us let alone a planet full of us. The king alone..”

The green eyed female cut her off and said “Maybe we have a new powerful enemy or an ancient one.” The Blonde only looked at her and said “What happens in the darkness shall be brought to the light, it’s just a matter of time. That is why we mustn’t get complacent and continue to train. The war of all wars may find us one day and we must be ready.” 

The Blonde nodded and said “Then let’s adorn our armor and fight till exhaustion.” 

My “Savage Ram” against your “Neptune’s Vengeance” smiled The green eyed female “This should be fun.” The two of them walked away to change into their body armor for combat.

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