the collective

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Chapter 37

One by one they each put their seats in the upright position, removed their headsets and stood. They all looked to each other silently until the Crowned prince said “If I didn’t know our Captain, I’d consider this transmission to be some sort of joke”, no one else said a word as he continued “For now I’d like everyone to keep their thoughts to themselves. We will go to the galley partake in the wonderful meal our scientist and navigator have prepared. 

After we finish our meal we review the Captain’s transmission for a third and final time. Then and only then do we discuss what we have learned.” Immediately his brother walked away followed by the General and Lieutenant. Green eyes looked at the Crowned Prince and slowly walked away.

The Blonde said “I beg your pardon, my lord, but this doesn’t seem real.” He took her hand and said tenderly “it seems fate has smiled upon us once more and I for one have no plans to squander this opportunity.” She smiled removed her hand from his and walked away joining the others in the ship’s galley.

The Crowned prince slowly walked away anticipating the feast he was moments away from enjoying and thought my dear Captain you’ve done it again.