the collective

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Chapter 36

“I’m picking up debris”said the Lieutenant over his communicator, as the three ships came out of negative matter almost on top of the war ship. “I’m picking it up as well” answered the Warrior Prince over the com-link “But the Barbarous is intact so it doesn’t matter.” “Ahh” smiled the Crowned Prince “it seems those two had a little action while we were away.” He paused before saying “In any case let’s hurry aboard so we can find out what surprises the Captain may have for us.” 

“Starting docking sequence”said the General, as his ship docked on to the Barbarous. “Now docking”said the Lieutenant as his ship did the same. Moments later,“Docking complete” said the Warrior Prince as he and his brother both stood to exit the Deliverance. “Dear brother” said the Crowned Prince turning to him“I did not relish telling falsehoods and half truths to our loved ones, I never have, until now there was never a need to.” 

He shook his head in despair “I don’t know, something just told me not to divulge all of the information at once.” His brother stood there with his arms crossed and continued to listen. “I want us all to find a new home, make it perfect as ours once was. Train our minds and bodies to become stronger, reach levels of power only imagined by our forefathers.”  The Crowned prince paused once again “Everything, all of it now rest on our shoulders, dear brother. We must avenge our people and to do that we must become exceedingly better than we are now. Furthermore there’s an adversary waiting for us in the not to distant future and I wish to be totally, unequivocally prepared for the task.”

“I for one will push myself to my very limits and beyond” said the Warrior Prince,“So will the others you know that and together we will be invincible.” The Crowned Prince smiled “No dear brother when we stand and face this enemy they will know and understand that we are the invincible. Now let’s take our leave, the others are waiting.”

“General”smiled Green eyes as she watched him and the Lieutenant enter the bridge. “We saw lots of debris outside when we entered the system”he smiled “is my ship intact?” “Of course,”answered Green eyes “is that a joke?” She smiled kissing his cheek. “Little brother” said the Blonde to the Lieutenant, “How was your meeting with the Mochin?” ”Less eventful than I thought it would be”he laughed. 

Green eyes walked to the lieutenant hugged him and asked “Have you eaten? I hope not, we prepared a feast.” “I know” the Lieutenant smiled “I smelled it as I boarded the ship.” “As famished as we all are” said the Crowned Prince as he and his brother stepped on to the bridge,”we have another pressing matter-viewership of the Captain’s message. So I suggest we all get comfortable take our seats and find out what information he has for us.” 

“Nice to see you too, my Crowned Prince”smiled the Blonde as she finished talking to the General. “It’s more than nice to see you” he smiled back grabbing her hand as they walked to their seats.

“Are you well?” asked the Warrior Prince of Green eyes. “Yes”she smiled” I am now that we are all together saved the captain.” He looked over to see the others in their seats putting on their headsets.  “We should join them” he said looking at her as if it was for the first time. “What’s wrong? ”she asked. “Nothing” he said uneasily “I just enjoy seeing you.” 

She blushed “We’ll talk later,for now let’s see what the Captain has to say.” “As you wish” he said as they began to walked to their seats. They put on their headsets, laid back as Green eyes said “Starting messaging sequence now.” She looked over to the Warrior Prince and thought that was different.  She then laid in her reclining seat and the collective began taking in the entire history of Earth and the Captain’s assessment of it.