the sisters

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Chapter 35

“This ship is horrible” said Green eyes in her normal defiant tone. Looking around the rag tag vessel, eyeing the 15 or so occupants thinking, this is a bigger waste of time than I thought. Their power levels are next to nothing she continued as she walked along the ship’s bridge. “I see why you wanted to steal ours, this is barely a star cruiser. As a matter of fact” she said looking at them all “this ship should be hauling trash.” 

“Watch your tongue” said one of the Caspian marauders, “Crosban ain’t here to save you from us.” The others behind him laughed. “Fine, fine your right” she smiled “I’m sorry, what I meant to say is this ship should be hauled away as trash.”  One of them became so angry that he slapped her with all his might. He winched in pain as she didn’t move. It was like hitting stone, he grew afraid and took a step back as his friends reached for their weapons and said. “What, what are you?” 

She smiled politely and said “Oh you didn’t know? Well to clarify I am the ending to your story.” She began to power up shaking the ship to pieces as her energy climbed. One of the Marauders said “Kill her.” And they began shooting at her with their fire arms. She laughed “You will need to do better than that.” One of them reached for his Walky talky deathly afraid and yelled “Crosban it a trap! They ain’t helpless, these broads ain’t helpless at all!”

On the Barbarous, Crosban said angrily “What’s all this chatter ?” as he grabbed his walky-talky he then looked from a window of the Barbarous to see his craft explode.“What the heck is this?” He said uneasily as he looked at the Blonde. What’s going on here? Did your friend do that?” He said pointing at the window“You better start talking?” She looked at him and said “Ship lock down protocol 3.” Suddenly the remaining six Caspian marauders were slammed against the ship’s walls. 

The Blonde smiled at them, then violently pulled Crosban from the ship’s wall breaking his arms ribs and legs in the process.  He screamed in agony as his limbs dangled at his sides. She held him up by the back of his collar to see his three other ships being destroyed.

“Nooo,no no no” he cried. She slowly dropped him to the floor, walked to the rest of his friends and killed them all with one blow of her fist. Smashing their heads into a bloody mess that slowly ran down the ship’s wall as she turned back to Crosban. 

Green eyes re-entered the Barbarous saying to herself “Well that’s done but I do grow tired of dealing with such weaklings.”She walked to the bridge and saw Crosban his limbs dangling at his side on the floor at the Blonde’s feet she looked over to see what was left of his shipmates against the walls, dead. 

“Ship” she said “End lock down protocol and proceed with clean sweep level 6 only.” “Initiating clean sweep”answered the ship’s A.I. Suddenly the ship’s door opened and five dead Caspian marauders were pulled from the ship. Crosban was also being pulled from the ship but the Blonde simply caught him by the collor and said to him. “You, you stay for a while.” 

He fainted slumped in her right hand she then said“Ship end clean sweep.” As Green eyes smiled at the unconscious Crosban saying “I’d wager you didn’t expect your day to end like this.” 

The Blonde looked at a flashing red button on one of the war ships consoles, dropped Crosban walked over and pressed it.Then said over her shoulder. “Sister, we have a message from the Deliverance. Hurry, be done with him.” Crosban just laid on the floor now awake and whimpering in pain as Green eyes picked him up and said“My plan was to have a little more fun with you but now duty calls.” 

She then throw him across the ship,walked to him, picked him up again opened the ship’s door and throw him from the ship. As he floated away she powered up her left hand and said “Good-by” as she released a powerful red energy beam turning Crosban to dust.

She quickly walked back to the bridge. “Are they going to tell us of their finds?” Green eyes asked as she sat down next to the Blonde. She sat there watching her friends, hoping they had some useful information, but expected the worst. Moments later they looked at each other and Green eyes said jokingly “well at least we know we are equally loved and hated in the Algerverse.”

“Is that all you can say?” asked the Blonde a little upset. “There’s nothing left to say sister. We have to leave the known Algeverse. We have to become stronger, everything may depend on it.”Green eyes rambled on“And according to the Princes the Matrimony explained that there is a being that is clouding out past. This is maddening for me and for the first time in my life I’m apprehensive about our future.”

The Blonde looked at Green eyes who rarely showed such emotion and said “So am I but I do know this-few in the Algerverse are more powerful than the seven of us and with each day our strength grows. Whoever is doing this fears our potential” she smiled wickedly. Their mistake was not making sure the seven strongest warriors of our race were dead. A mistake that will haunt their cause forever.”Green eyes looked at her nodding her head and said “You are correct, the conspirators have made a grave mistake, a mistake that will be their undoing.” The Blonde was about to address her then said looking at her wrist “Three ships are moving toward us through negative matter.” She smiled“Its the others.”

Green eyes also smiled. “Lets welcome our brothers.” The two stood and waited on the bridge of the Barbarous.