The general

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Chapter 27

“Here, this is the beacon to the warship we discussed” the General said to Pilar as they were preparing to leave her chambers. She took the small disc from him, looked down at it then into his eyes “so this is truly the end”she said sadly.

“No it isn’t, we will meet again, my Queen. This I vow to you unless I meet oblivion before our reunion .”

“Protect yourself” she said hugging him. He hugged her back then said “Let me show you how to receive our location if the need should arise.” Soon after they left her chambers and began to walk to his ship.

“I’m going to miss our time together, dear General. Don’t stay away too long, it’s been more than a decade since I last saw your face. Don’t let so much time pass before we see each other again” she said sadly.

He looked down at her and said “I can’t promise you that,my Queen. I don’t know how far we will be or the challenges that lay before us but I will say this- if my eyes don’t close in death they will feast upon your beauty once more.”

She smiled and said “I’m going to hold you to that.” They continued their walk holding hands until they turned the corner to see the Lieutenant standing in front of his ship. 

“I hope everything went well” said Pilar “his escorts aren’t with him.” “I’m sure he’s fine, our Lieutenant always keeps a tight schedule”stated the General. He listened to Pilar talk to the Lieutenant, watched him bow to her then looked at him.

“So where are the Twins?” asked the General. “If I know the Warrior prince he will be here shortly”answer the Lieutenant, “as for his brother unless they’re together he’s going to make a Royal entrance.” They laughed. 

“Your King’s heir does have a grand flair about him” giggled the Queen. “The sign of a true Monarch” they laughed again as they waited.