The Lieutenant

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Chapter 26

He slid from the bed and smiled as he looked at the six females that he shared his time with. They were all intertwined, fast asleep. They won’t soon forget this day he thought as he began to put on his rust and black armor, nor will I. 

He suddenly thought about himself and his 6 comrades being the last of their kind. There had to be answers as to why his home world was gone. Could there be more to this than we have learned in such a short time. 

I wonder what happened with the Twins. They went to see the revered Matrimony. Maybe they got some answers about what went on at home. He thought about his parents then shook it off as he watch one of the females begin to stir. 

He put on his left then right glove and walked from the room. We should be departing in ten minutes. He thought about going to find the others, but walked to his ship instead.

I’ll wait for them here, the Captain should be close to the rendezvous point by now. If I know him the planet he discovered will have a good crop of females for us to mate with. I hope the Crowned prince lets some live, it would be a shame if he didn’t. 

But if worse comes to worse we could always import some Ranthopin females he chuckled. The Queen won’t mind. His thoughts went back to his parents he whispered to himself “You and everyone else will be avenged, I promise you that.”

He looked up to see the General walking hand and hand with Queen Pilar. Ah the great General, he smiled- he’s only like this with her. I wonder, does he actually feel a degree of love for the Queen?

I do know that when he and our King first came here he let Pilar choose who she wanted first and she chose the General. That was just what our illustrious King wanted. He never bedded the Queen, nor did he wish to. Their arrangement was strictly business. Pilar and the General go back at least a half century so maybe the General does have feelings for her. It’s hard to tell with him.

“Where are your escorts?” asked Queen Pilar as she and the General drew closer. “I put them all to sleep” he laughed.

“I hope you found them satisfactory” inquired the Queen.

He smiled“They were more than satisfactory, they were a delight.” 

“As long as you’re happy, young one” stated the Queen as he bowed then looked to his senior officer.