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Chapter 25

As the two of them flew back to their ship they saw four battle ships surrounding the Barbarous. 

Green eyes opened a section of their ship’s force shield at the bottom as she and the Blonde slipped inside undetected. 

They quickly walked to the ship’s bridge. The Blonde asked the ship’s A.I. “Damage report – what’s our status?” 

The male voice said “No damage to speak of and our status is the same as it was before you left.”

Green eyes said. “Their weapons aren’t having any effect at all. Ship, scan those vessels. I want to know who they are and what worthwhile technology they may possess.” 

“Scanning now ”, moments later the ship said “they seem to be a band pirates. All of different species. As for their technology – I’d describe it as infantile, at best. Would you like me to destroy them?”

“The Barbarous is right” said the Blonde “They have nothing so, they are nothing.” 

Green eyes smiled. “Ok then, let’s have some fun.” She opened the ship’s communication and asked cowardly “Why are you doing this to us? We have no quarrel with you, please let us pass.”

“Ah, finally” said a male voice, “We thought this ship was deserted. His image suddenly became visible on the monitor, his skin was a scaled greenish brown and seemed to have three small horns on both sides of his face.

“Wha, what do you want?” asked the Blonde with quivering fear in her voice. 

“I am Crosban, leader of the Caspian marauders and isn’t it obvious? We want your ship. I myself have never seen anything like it. We’ve been shooting at it for over two minutes and not a scratch. We hailed you, first you said nothing but now you want to talk. Guessing your power cells must be getting low.”

“Power cells?” whispered the Blonde to Green eyes “What is he talking about?”  “We don’t want any trouble.” said Green Eyes ignoring her.

He cut in. “ If you don’t abandon your ship you will find yourselves in more than “Just trouble” young lady. My, my but you too are extremely beautiful ” looking them over he then smiled revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth.  He turned away to look at his men then turned back to the monitor and said. “My men haven’t been with females in a long time. I would hate for something worse than losing your ship to happen to you. So you will disable your shields, we will board your ship, take you to the closest inhabited planet and leave you there.” He paused for dramatic effect “You have my word otherwise we’ll just wait until the power cells die. It’s up to you but me and my men will be upset by then and who knows what could happen?” He raised his voice and demanded, so I say again lower your shields and you won’t have any trouble.”

“What guarantee do we have that you won’t hurt us once you board our ship?”asked the Blonde. 

He smiled and said “Pretty lady, you will find that in life there are no such guarantees.”

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