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Chapter 8

“Please report to hanger-bay 4, General. Your escorts will be awaiting your arrival” said the female voice from his ship’s console. As he flew through the atmosphere of the planet Bonoba home of the Ranthopin, a turquoise colored humanoid species with large ears on the top of the their bald heads. This world only knew peace due to its remote location deep in the Inaquzil system.

Those brave enough to travel through the Millagoth and survive the cosmic storm of electrictifed asteroids left Bonoba with a full belly and a smile. The Ranthopin believed anything and everything can be solved with sexual intercourse.

The Ranthopin lived under a loose matriarchal society. The males were big ,strong, fearsome warriors-defenders of the planet. The females controlled distribution of resources from the mineral rich self sustaining planet and the males couldn’t be happier. They lived a grand life, they were able to do whatever they wanted. To make things better they could have any female they wanted any time they wanted starting with the queen herself.

The female Ranthopin known as Femmind were said to be some of the most beautiful creatures in all the Algeverse.
A group of a hundred called the Kismet were spies for the General’s king. None could resist these beauties and with their gifted hearing ability nothing said in their vicinity would escape them. If anyone knew what happened to his planet Queen Pilar and the Kismet would know.

The General disembarked from his craft and was met by 6 females in sheer white garments. He smiled ”Always ready and willing. The leader said to him “The Queen awaits your presence-after you” he said as he began to follow them. Ten minutes later they were standing in front of the Queen’s chambers. “ We will remain here at your service if you need anything call” she smiled with a wink of her eye.

“I’ll do just that” he answered as he pushed in the door to find Queen Pilar standing with her back turn to him. In a sheer red gown, much like the others, he marveled at the contour of her body. “

“So the good General has made his return to me?” she smiled as she turned to him. She looked at his muscular body hidden under his red and black armor and licked her lips saying “Just as I remember-come sit” she said giving him a drink. He took it and sat. She grabbed his hand and said “As much as I want you to rip this garment off and ravage me as you’ve done often in the past, the distress I see on your face tells me this is a business meeting first.”

“You know me well, my Queen.”
She smiled “You want to know what happened to your home world don’t you? Are you all that’s left of your kind?” “No, my Queen the rest of the 7 are alive as well. So where is that brute of a Prince you’re usually with? My sister Loma loves him so” she laughed “We all love your kind. So strong, so passionate” she said touching his inner thigh.

He only looked at her. She removed her hand and said “Business first we can play later.” He nodded, she stood and said “I will tell you all I’ve learned…..”

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  1. Vee well writter,looking forward to read what happens next..and interesting mix of sci fi and erotic reading.

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