The Lone warrior

Chapter 4

He hovered over the fridged Arctic Ocean slowly gaining power. Ten minutes earlier he tried to unleash a true measure of his power as he normally would and caused a massive tornado to form over the Atlantic Ocean. 

He quickly dispersed of the wind tunnel and changed his location just to be safe. He didn’t want the humans to know of his presence just yet. He hovered there in mid air slowly powering up for the first of his three most powerful attacks. Thinking to himself-I’ve been to every country on earth’s developed or otherwise and it’s all the same, humanity is killing this world. 

They are very primitive in their dealings. He laughed and to think the weak are the ones in control of this world. They even created a system of laws which have kept the strong in check while the weak , who are guided by their emotions, have created generation after generation of new weaklings. It’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed anything like this. Weakness is celebrated and strength is scoffed upon. What an absurdity. 

He grew enraged just thinking about it as he created a small red energy ball in his left hand. It would take me less than fifteen minutes to lay waste to everything on this world. It would take our sharp end of the spear just six and the crowned prince even less, his patients began to wear thin this is taking far too long.

He looked up to the night sky thinking-I don’t believe I can raise my power here without being detected. Even these satellites with their pathetic technology could more than likely detect a disturbance in the sky. I’ll just fly into space, I won’t be detected there.

He then flew straight up to the sky and hovered above the earth saying yes this is much more like it.

He clenched both hands into a fist then began to scream bringing his power slowly to the surface. He then began to glow with a red aura becoming deeper as it grew around his body. I seem a bit stronger than I was before I left the others. 

He looked down at earth and thought there may be properties on this world that increases my peoples’ strength at a faster rate. He looked down again to earth excitedly. I’ve been down there but 12 hours and I do feel stronger than when I entered. I’ll tell the science officer in my report. Let’s see what she discovers.

Well here goes nothing he thought then yelled “TWIN PEAKS” releasing red energy beams from both hands he watched them dance around each other until they disappear into the void of space.

He then looked down at his hands and said to himself I have gotten stronger. Just a little, but yes it’s true this world is perfect-perfect for the taking. He then flew back to his ship.

Once inside the ship he looked again to the little blue planet, sat down at his ship’s helm and begin to tell his computer everything he found out about humanity, small things, that the ships AI couldn’t capture. After he was done he thought it’s going to take me at least 8 cycles to reach the others. No matter, I’ll send my report to them once I leave this system. They will receive it at least a cycle before I reach their location.

I know the crowned prince will enjoy my findings I just hope his twin feels the same. He pressed a few buttons on the ships console and sat back closing his eyes thinking of the earth girl Yumi as he drifted off to sleep.

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