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Chapter 10

The female warriors entered the grand warship called “The Barbarous.” Both bruised and beaten after fighting for the last two hours in the cold dark void of space, The Blonde pulled the ocean blue and black top of her armor over her head and dropped it to the floor exhausted.

“That was some match we had sister , you’ve gotten so much stronger.” 

“So have you” answered the green eyed warrior taking off her black and tan breast plate and gloves.

“I believe I could best the Captain when he returns” she said laughingly

The Blonde didn’t respond. “What’s wrong sister?” asked green eyes.

“I, the Blonde paused “I was just thinking about my parents, your mom Ewelee- that’s all.”

Green Eyes looked at her seriously and said “We cannot dwell on what happened to our planet. As a race of warriors born, death is always looking at us smiling, waiting for us” she paused “All we can do is shrug our shoulders wave and smile back.” She continued. Our planet may be gone but its people remain with in us. We have been chosen, sister-chosen to live so that we may some day exact our revenge.” 

“What if there is no one to hold accountable sister? What if our sun actually did implode taking our home with it?”

“Then we will find a new planet and call it home” answered Green Eyes, “Lay waste to its inhabitants and start a new, I know this is an uncertain time, but change is the only constant in life. You are a warrior elite sister, don’t surrender to your pain nor your loss.”

The Blonde scowled wickedly “I surrender to nothing but death.” 

Green Eyes nodded, “Enough about that” changing the subject. “I walked past your quarters a few nights ago and I heard the crowned prince tell you that you will soon become his Princess ?”

“Yes!” the blonde smiled happily. “He told me that once we find a suitable home we will then be wed.”

“Wonderful” answered Green Eyes hugging The Blonde “I await the day.” As they released each other The Blonde said “Let’s shower then prepare some nourishment.“. And after..?” smiled Green Eyes. 

“We do battle once more of course ” said The Blonde seriously, “You’ll have to become stronger if you wish to defeat our Captain.”

“That was just bravado, I’m nowhere near as strong as I need to be to defeat the likes of him. He’s much too fast” she shrugged her shoulders “But one can dream.” 

They both laughed picking up the parts of armor they dropped and went to their separate quarters.

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