the lieutenant

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Chapter 11

The lieutenant hovered above a cavern in a mountain east of where he left the Mochin and began to gather his energy and stopped at less than 25% power. I shouldn’t need any more than this. He then landed at the cavern’s mouth and fired two red energy blast from his left hand into the mountain. 

That should move things along he thought smugly as he felt the explosion deep inside. Moments later the mountain began to shake causing an avalanche, as the rocks began to fall under his feet the Lieutenant slowly rose to the sky thinking, I wonder if this creature is even worth my time.

Suddenly a large, dark green scaled, yellow eyed reptile emerged from the rubble. 

It’s much bigger than I expected he thought. Looking at the saber toothed lizard that stood close to 500 feet tall shaking the dirt and rock from its body. So this is a Scrogin, I’ve fought worse. The beast let out a scream of anger then turned to walk to where the Lieutenant left the Mochin.

“Here, Scrogin!” he yelled “I am the one who woke you from your slumber”. The Scrogin seemed to ignore him and began walking away. He flew to the Scrogin and punched it in the back of the head, the monster fell forward to the ground then quickly stood looked around and slapped the lieutenant down to the ground.

The Lieutenant smiled from the ground-unaware such a large creature could move so fast. “Today you meet your end.” He then flew to the sky as the Scrogin tried to step on him. He powered up and yelled “CENTAUR STRIKE” hitting the Scrogin with an energy blast that bounced off the monster’s body and exploded in the distance. 

He then proceeded to hit the Scrogin with blow after blow all seeming to have little effect.

His skin appears to be armor plated he thought. Energy blasts have no effect, first blow was only successful because I caught him off balance. Then he thought if I can’t destroy you from the outside, I’ll have to go inside you creature. 

The Lieutenant created an impenetrable energy field around his body, flew to the chest of the Scrogin then hit the beast with several more blasts and cluster bombs. Angering the Scrogin, who yelled in fury swiping at the Lieutenant who then flew into the beast’s mouth and down its throat. 

Moments later the lieutenant yelled “NECROSIS” from inside the creature. 

The Scrogin began to scream as a red light began to poke small holes in its chest finally creating one large hole. Soon after the Lieutenant burst from the beast’s chest holding the Scrogin’s heart which appeared larger than the Lieutenant’s entire body. He turned back to look at the fallen Scrogin, thinking such a waste of my time. He shook his head and began flying back to the Mochin.

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  1. Caught up in imagining this fight scene in outer space amongst the stars…. Magnificent!

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